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About ZombieLaw

ZombieLaw is a blog about Zombies in law and politics. I am particularly interested in zombies as a form of political consciousness and cultural metaphor. This blog is a bit of a gallimaufry of “zombie” appearance in modern language. I consider it a study of (or hunt for) real life zombies. Zombies are real in the same way Santa Claus is real, or the electron is real, or autism is real, they are words, constructions of language that serve language functions and we can study how they are used in language (with social, cultural and cognitive implications). Mostly, it’s gobshite psychobabble but it’s fun.

See this recent post “Why Zombies?

At the moment, the best way to reach me is by commenting anywhere on this blog or @LawZombie on twitter.

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And please also visit my related blog NinjaLaw cataloging Ninja in the Federal Court

  1. I strangely find this blog to be increasingly intriguing. You can say I have been Zombified.

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