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August 1, 2014

NY Observer: “When It Comes to Opera, Walking Dead Trump German Romanticism” By James Jorden:

La Zombiata’ shines, but SummerScape turns Weber into Ed Wood

As a conductor, Mr. Botstein is something of a musical zombie, so maybe he should turn his attention to a new piece called La Zombiata, billed as “an opera farce with zombies” in its premiere with Fresh Squeezed Opera Company.

a deliberately banal libretto that somehow managed to send up both Verdi’s La Traviata and the general concept of zombies in barely 45 minutes.

Opera is sort of a zombie of itself, recall previous ZombieLaw “Zombie Opera”, about the impending death of NYCO, now this zombie opera comes in a time when the Metropolitan Opera is facing a looming strike! But, much like Hamas, the Metropolitan Opera and unions have agreed to a 72 hours contract extension (weird coincidence – see “Metropolitan Opera Extends Its Contract Deadline for 15 Unions” by Michael Cooper and USAToday: “Israel and Hamas agree to 72-hour cease-fire” by Ilana Conway, Yousef Al-Helou and Jennifer Collins) — so we’ve got three days to save the world.

MVTimes: “Camp Jabberwocky stages “Frankenstein’s Last Dance”” by Pat Waring:

Mix together a crew of zombie-like monsters, a flock of sweet angels, some cheerful red-horned devils, a batch of good-hearted, hard-working Amish folk who just want to keep their community free from sin — or at least from electricity. Add a crazed doctor, spirited musicians, and a camp full of inspired performers and you get an evening of colorful fun. These were the ingredients for “Frankenstein’s Last Dance,” Camp Jabberwocky’s hilarious play presented July 18 and 19.

And also in high art, a reference to fashion magazine Vogue’s cover at TheFashionSpot: “Cara Delevingne Looks Like a ‘Luxury Zombie’ for Vogue UK September 2014 (Forum Buzz) ” by Jihan Forbes quoting a user comment from Nymphaea. Additionally, at Fashionista: “Cara Delevingne’s September ‘Vogue’ UK Cover Looks Familiar” by Dhani Mau suggests that maybe this is picture from an already used shoot, which would make it another sort of zombie image.

september vogue

Personally, I think this look is zombie chic, which seems fitting for this weekend’s outlook; a last dance before the apocalypse, or can we find a way to create a new shared vision for a utopian future, one where skilled artists have good high paying jobs at the Met!

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