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AP: growth of ‘zombie’ talk online

June 3, 2012

Huffington Post: from Associated Press reporters Tamara Lush and Vicki Smith:

After gory incidents, online ‘zombie’ talk grows

zombie vicki smith and zombie tamara lush

Exploring why Zombie Apocalypse went viral meme after the weird assault on the Miami Causeway and ensuing Anonymous zombie chatter

“Zombies can never really become human again. There’s no going back.

“That resonates in today’s world, with people feeling like we’re moving toward an ending,” she says. “Ultimately they are much more of a depressing figure.”

The “moving toward an ending” part is especially potent. For some, the news stories fuel a lurking fear that, ultimately, humanity is doomed.


It will, many believe, be something we’ve created – and therefore brought upon ourselves.

A sort of Faustian doom or Frankenstein monster effect. The result of creativity gone awry.

The AP article mentions Mary Shelly’s 1818 monster specifically, along with George Romero’s 1968 characters, and discusses many of the same zombie associations this blog has been tracking for months – zombie economics, zombies at the CDC.

And as also pointed out in prior ZombieLaw posts, laughter and comedy may be part of the cure:

joke about the things we fear. Laughter makes them manageable.


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