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costly zombie walks = funeral for Asbury Park – Asheville & Louisville; Sacramento & Salt Lake

August 27, 2015

Still time to register for Asheville’s attempt to break the record for linked tubers, MountainXpress: “Zombie Float returns to Asheville this Saturday” by Hayley Benton:

Though 548 zombie-participants were officially counted in last year’s Tube-ocalypse Zombie Float, that number was 87 short of what was needed to break the record for linked tubers. The current record, 634 people, is held by the Harley Owners Group Taiwan Chapter, breaking the previous record, 620, from tubers on the Willamette River in Portland, Ore., in 2013.

Pre-registration and a signed waiver form for the float are required and can be found at The deadline to register is Friday, Aug. 28

Remember: do zombies float? (See “the Obama float” and “underwater zombie weaving“).

Meanwhile this Saturday in Louisville, Courier Journal: Bloody Saturday as Zombies Attack Louisville” by Kirby Adams:

Did you realize Louisville is home to the largest and oldest annual zombie walk in the world? The 2015 Zombie Attack takes place Saturday in its usual spot — The Highlands.

Unfortunately, the Zombie Walk in Asbury Park, New Jersey Zombie Walk is CANCELLED, best explained by the headlines:

NJ: “Organizer puts New Jersey Zombie Walk to rest, citing costs and size” by Rob Spahr
NYPost: “Asbury Park now too gentrified for popular ‘Zombie Walk’” by Associated Press
NJ105: “Coolest images of the Asbury Park Zombie Walk we’ve seen (RIP)” by Louis C. Hochman
NJ105: “Asbury Park Zombie Walk is dead. Will you mourn it?” by Matthew White

Of course, recall last year’s San Diego Comic Con zombie walk was hit by a car, driven by a deaf driver. He’s awaiting trial — having lost the preliminary hearing in early June, see Fox5: “Deaf driver in ‘Zombie Walk’ collision to stand trial“:

Matthew Pocci, 47, faces three years in state prison if convicted.

Following the preliminary hearing, the judge ruled that enough evidence was presented for Pocci to stand trial. He will be back in court June 24 for arraignment.

And then on June 24, Fox5: “Trial date set for driver accused of ‘Zombie Walk’ crash” by Sandra Phillips:

An Oct. 13 trial date was set Wednesday for a deaf motorist accused of driving his car through a crowd watching the “Zombie Walk” parade during last summer’s Comic-Con convention, seriously injuring one woman.

That kind of thing must increase the insurance costs for events like the walk in Asbury Park, but what if they had a more formal political cause? Where can we convene safely to protest and march against our government? This is a first amendment right!!? (I guess linking together and filling up a river is as good an idea as any I’ve got.)

Meanwhile, some zombie walks zombie on, this weekend:

Sacramento Bee: “Zombies to terrorize R Street for 15th year” by Janet Vitt:

The 15th Annual Sacramento Zombie Walk won’t even wait until dark. It takes place 4-11 p.m. Saturday… dead walk begins at 7:30 p.m. and will move along R Street.,

Benzinga: “Undead to Invade Salt Lake City for Annual Zombie Walk“:

Salt Lake City will once again look like the set of a zombie apocalypse movie on Sunday, August 30, 2015, as Utah’s undead participate in the eighth annual Zombie Walk sponsored by Salt Lake Comic Con

Salt Lake Comic Con
SLC Zombie Walk Facebook Event
SLC Zombie Walk page

Why zombie walks in August? It’s simple, the Christmas season begins before Thanksgiving so Halloween begins now:

christmas begins on before thanksgiving, so halloween begins in august

[UPDATE: the Toronto Zombie Walk Funeral is also this weekend, see calendar at]

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