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Parading Athiest Zombie wasn’t Harassed

February 28, 2012

A Muslim man tried to stop a “parading atheist” zombie and so was cited for harassment. Judge Martin of Pennsylvania heard the case and dismissed the charges because there was insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant had intended to harass or annoy.

This story came up for me today on Yahoo : “Penn Judge: Muslims Allowed to Attack People for Insulting Mohammad”

I clicked on the embedded link in that article: “Pennsylvania Judge Throws Out Charge For Harassing Atheist While Calling The Victim A Doofus”

Buried at the bottom was the full audio of the 35 minute trial available on Youtube at – You should not read any more and just listen to it in its entirely if you have time:

Alternatively here a short scandalous version from an ABC news affiliate:

Yay zombies in the law.

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