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Zombies dating, doing yoga, walking for charity

April 22, 2012

Zombies are just like you and me – including a guide to zombie dating, instructions for zombie yoga and some zombie philanthropy.

Found on NPR: Zombies Capture Author’s Imagination about artist Stacey Graham who tweeted to NPR for National Poetry month:

Hills full of children laughing as they glide down slopes. Zombies make great sleds.

I then discovered her website “The Zombie Dating Guide” with zombie dating advice and links to buy her Zombie Tarot cards. In Zombie Dating post “Meet, don’t eat” she reminds that

a limber Zombie is a happy Zombie

Coincidentally, I found today another site about Zombie Yoga positions poster. Artist Rob Osbone sells these posters on etsy (also available in pirates and spacemen)
zombie yoga

Meanwhile in Myrtle Beach, SC local news reports that Zombies went ahead with their cancelled Zombie Walk charity event. It was cancelled because they couldn’t afford a late requirement for a parade permit but the event went forward (with smaller crowd due to confusion about cancellation) after the police seemed to change their position and said that it was ok:

as long as our zombies stay on the sidewalks don’t go in the road, don’t obstruct traffic and obey all local pedestrian laws

The report says the event raised a few thousands dollars for a homeless children’s organization. And the extra traffic also benefited the local businesses in the area near the event.

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