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Golf Zombies: Weeds and Gophers

February 8, 2013

Golf Course Industry reports on the Golf Industry Show“Day of the Dead: Zombies invade GIS 2013”

FMC‘s promotion highlighting a number of their herbicides that help prevent “zombie weeds” — the ones that never seem to die and just keep coming back

This reminds me of Bill Murray as golf course groundskeeper hunting gophers in “Caddyshack”.

This theme also relates to zombies as invasive species. Recall pythons in the everglades, and in Missouri the department of conservation has issued and official “Invasive Species Alert: ZOMBIES!”

AND – Golf previously appeared in the banned zombie advertisement for the sporting goods store. In that commercial, the zombies invade a suburban community and one zombie’s arms fly off with the golf club.

Zombies playing sports always reminds me of Disney’s Goofy character.

“Zombie” can be synonymous with “goofy” in terms of a feeling created by some drugs or medications and also both are known gang nicknames. Notions of goofiness should also be considered in relation to both racism (with implications for golf club membership?) and autism (more likely to be diagnosed in the golf club set?).

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