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ZombieLaw THE BOOK

New Kickstarter project for Non-Fiction ZOMBIE LAW BOOK


The summer of zombies is nearly over and the zombie universities are back in session — Welcome to zombie fall, a time for serious zombie academia.

This edited collection is a serious book compendium of epic real life zombie stories as told by the U.S. Federal Courts. This Kickstarter project funds production of a law school style bound casebook to include case opinions from the over 300 U.S. Federal Court opinions with the word “zombie” (and “zombies”, “zombi”, “zombis”, “zombified”, “zombism”, etc..)

To promote this project, I’ve created some neat artsy rewards. The Supreme Court as zombie (poster and postcard), a limited edition Zombie USB Flash Drive (pull the brain out of the head!), a T-shirt, honorable mention as sponsor, personalized zombied portraits, and of course, THE BOOK!

zombie flash drive brain usbzombie scotus

Warning: Reading case law may improve your reading skills.

Please support this project – Thank You.

If you still want the book or the usb drive contact me and we can arrange something. Alternatively, be patient and options for future sales will be available (for example I already put one of the USB on ebay and we’ll see how that goes). There is also a paypal donations link on the blog frame to the right.

–UPDATE MARCH 2012– Zombing along…
Progress is being made, please be patient, keep reading and following the blog … nom nom

–UPDATE NOVEMBER 2013 — Book files sent to publisher.

–UPDATE JANUARY 2014 — The softcover and digital copy of the book are available on Amazon published via CreateSpace and available on Kindle – a very generous preview is available through the Amazon look inside feature – The limited edition bound hardcover edition for Kickstarter backers has been printed and is currently at the bindery.

zombie in the federal courts

–UPDATE DECEMBER 2014 — the Kickstarter books were delivered early this year, some of the remaining copies of the limited edition hardbound version are available via Amazon. Thank you to everyone who supported this project.

zombie in the federal courts

nom nom…

  1. Amy permalink

    Any way to purchase a casebook only? Thanks!

    • Thanks for asking. I am trying to figure out a process to sell more of this book now that the Kickstarter venture was successful. Please be patient.

  2. margaret sopher permalink

    Whenever it’s available, I too would love to purchase it. Several copies, actually, as gifts.

  3. Courtney permalink

    Quick question, please: When will the Zombie Law casebooks from the Kickstarter venture be sent out? Will it be this month? Thanks!

    • I have been frantic the last few weeks with final editing – so much has been done this year but there is still a bunch more to do – unexpected formatting problems keep arising and it’s still too many pages – I really hope to be done with it this month but I guess at this point it is unlikely that the final books will ship this month. I will provide a more detailed update on the Kickstarter in a few days. I am sad and embarrassed that it’s not done yet, but this surely isn’t the first Kickstarter to be a little delayed and absolutely not the first book author to miss a deadline – so, given how close this seems, I am still excited and proud but sincerely apologize for the delay. It really is coming soon! (probably I should have spent less time this year on the blogging, but I hope you are enjoying that part of the project too). Thanks for your patience, keep reading! nom nom..

  4. Chris permalink


    I just found your Kickstarter campaign, and would like to purchase a hard copy if you have any extra.

    I too am a lawyer and zombie enthusiast. Look forward to reading the book.


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