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ZombieLaw THE BOOK


This edited collection is a serious book compendium of epic real life zombie stories as told by the U.S. Federal Courts. This project was funded by Kickstarter in 2012. It is a law school style bound casebook including case opinions from the over 300 U.S. Federal Court opinions with the word “zombie” (and “zombies”, “zombi”, “zombis”, “zombified”, “zombism”, etc..)

Warning: Reading case law may improve your reading skills.

Please support this project – Thank You.

Available in softcover:

zombie in the federal courts

and limited availability in hardcover:

zombie in the federal courts

nom nom…

  1. Amy permalink

    Any way to purchase a casebook only? Thanks!

    • Thanks for asking. I am trying to figure out a process to sell more of this book now that the Kickstarter venture was successful. Please be patient.

  2. margaret sopher permalink

    Whenever it’s available, I too would love to purchase it. Several copies, actually, as gifts.

  3. Courtney permalink

    Quick question, please: When will the Zombie Law casebooks from the Kickstarter venture be sent out? Will it be this month? Thanks!

    • I have been frantic the last few weeks with final editing – so much has been done this year but there is still a bunch more to do – unexpected formatting problems keep arising and it’s still too many pages – I really hope to be done with it this month but I guess at this point it is unlikely that the final books will ship this month. I will provide a more detailed update on the Kickstarter in a few days. I am sad and embarrassed that it’s not done yet, but this surely isn’t the first Kickstarter to be a little delayed and absolutely not the first book author to miss a deadline – so, given how close this seems, I am still excited and proud but sincerely apologize for the delay. It really is coming soon! (probably I should have spent less time this year on the blogging, but I hope you are enjoying that part of the project too). Thanks for your patience, keep reading! nom nom..

  4. Chris permalink


    I just found your Kickstarter campaign, and would like to purchase a hard copy if you have any extra.

    I too am a lawyer and zombie enthusiast. Look forward to reading the book.


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