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Jeb Bush: “zombie economy”

July 6, 2015

Jeb said “zombie economy”.

Well ok, he didn’t so much say it as write it on his campaign website, and probably he didn’t even write it himself, but he approved the message, right? See on his site (and on Medium): “Getting Out Of The Zombie Economy“:

Barack Obama’s policies have given us a zombie economy where no matter what else happens, most Americans are falling behind.

and also available in Spanish:

Las políticas de Barack Obama nos han proporcionado una economía zombi donde no importa lo que pase, la mayoría de los estadounidenses se están quedando atrás.

As I’ve written before when politicians issue press releases that’s the same as saying it for the purposes of this blog tracking political rhetoric. So Governor Bush, here’s a zombie portrait:

zombie jeb bush

Recall many prior mentions of “zombie economy“.

Meanwhile, it’s Jeb’s campaign that seems like the zombie, so it’s probably wise for them to get out ahead and use the word before it is used to label him for other reasons.

Hat tips to: USATODAY: “Bush bemoans Obama’s ‘zombie economy’” by David Jackson and to the Washington Post: “Jeb Bush attacks the Obama-Clinton ‘zombie economy’” by Jennifer Rubin AND “Pushing for 4 percent economic growth, Jeb Bush faults Obama’s ‘zombie economy’” by Ed O’Keefe

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