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Flakka Flakka

August 18, 2016

Fozzy Bear takes a salty bath in Florida. Where did he take it? Flakka flakka! Random killing in Florida. Flakka flakka. It’s not funny, but what’s funny is how the media grabs the words.

Readers of the this blawg know by now that what was once daily blogging has become few and far between. The obsessive daily zombie link collection is still ongoing on twitter @LawZombie. But sometimes a story is just too big and gets me blogging. I should probably have done something like this for this past week’s Zombie Knife legal ban story. There was a lot of press on that. And also there is an interesting lawsuit about green-suited protesters at a gay parade. And more importantly Senator Durbin deserves a zombie portrait (and some other Senators caught the word this past year, so hopefully that post is coming). But until then here’s the Flakka-cannibal story.

First, let’s note the very recent ZombieLaw post about K2 zombies. Synthetic drugs are a common zombie theme. It overlaps with the zombie theme of neuroscience and goes directly to philosophical issues of identity. From a materialist perspective, chemicals change who we are because ‘who we are’ is the mere a composition of chemical interactions. Therefore the legal choices about these chemicals (regulations of drugs, medications, food, etc…) are important for zombie law.

Second, why do some “zombie” stories just catch media fire like this? I think Florida media is a factor; the speed at which Florida’s criminal news hits the world media and the willingness of public officials to speculate on the record feels different. I think this relates to their publicity laws but I don’t really know. If any readers have insights on this, please share.

Finally, this is a murder. A gruesome, gory, face-eating, murder with no reasonable explanation. That’s about as zombie as it gets.

GossipExtra: “CANNIBAL ATTACK — Police: Man Murdered Couple, Bit Off Pieces Of Victim’s Face!

who could forget the spring of 2012, when a a Miami man, Rudy Eugene, partially chewed off the face of a homeless man named Ronald Poppo, sparking a national debate on the existence of zombies.

Aww, 2012, special times, a dear-place in my heart. Except does anyone remember that the toxicology report on Rudy Eugene didn’t show bath salts. Who cares, the speculation got legislation passed, so let’s try it again?

Metro: “Florida man bites victim’s face zombie-style, kills couple: Police” by Kimberly M. Aquilina:

Police said they aren’t ruling out Flakka or “bath salts,” but toxicology tests are still being run.

Recall previous posts: “Demand hearings on how Bath Salts became bipartisan” and “Bath Salts by any other name.” So, now it’s called Flakka?

NJ: “What is flakka? The ‘zombie drug’ that causes terrifying hallucinations

Reason: “‘Zombie Drug’ Paranoia Resurfaces After Teen’s Terrifying Homicidal Outburst“:

A 19-year-old man stabbed two strangers to death and tried to eat the face of one of them, once again provoking warnings about the “zombie drug” flakka.

DailyStar: “Dead couple found with ‘Zombie’ suspect eating man’s FACE“:

A COUPLE are the latest victims of an alleged “zombie killing” after police found their bodies with a suspect eating on of their faces.

DailyMail: “How the terrifying ‘zombie’ drug ‘flakka’ has already flooded into Australia – and it’s WORSE than ice at just $7.50 a hit
TheBitBag: “Flakka Epidemic In The US? Watch Shocking ‘Zombie’ Effect Caused By Drug” and “Terrifying Drug Flakka Leads People To Cannibalism: Is It The beginning Of Zombie Apocalypse?

EliteDaily: “What You Need To Know About Flakka, The Drug Turning People Into ‘Zombies’

CW39: “Deputies: Bath salts may have pushed 19-year-old to eat faces of victims“:

This isn’t the first time Florida police are dealing with zombie like behavior. Remember that guy back in 2012 who chewed off the face of a homeless man?! Bath salts change you, there’s no doubt about it!

Yes, who needs toxicology reports? There’s just “no doubt about it.”

Hmm, ya know, or maybe it’s just “bizarre” and “random” ?

UpRoxx: A Florida Couple Was Murdered In Yet Another Bizarre ‘Zombie’ Killing
by Stacey Ritzen”

Syracuse: “Zombie drugs? Florida man stabs couple, eats dead man’s face in ‘random’ attack” By Geoff Herbert :

Four years after a Miami “cannibal” was caught eating another man’s face, a similar zombie-like attack has been reported near Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

And before we close, let’s remember that this killer, is a person. Amazingly the cops didn’t kill him (with many people on twitter suggesting it would have been different had he been another race). Who was this killer, why did he do this? We may never know.

IBtimes: “‘Zombie’ Killing Update: Suspect Austin Harrouff Isn’t Himself, Friend Says

Uproxx: “ Accused ‘Zombie Killer’ Austin Harrouff Maintained A Bizarre Online Persona Leading Up To Murders

Twitchy: “Apparently the Florida zombie killer was wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat on the night of his rampage

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