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Bureaucracy Zombies: Education/Legislation

April 13, 2013

TexasGOPvote: “The Harris County School Board of Trustees— An education bureaucracy “zombie” that refuses to die!” by Mark Ramsey advocating for:

Rep. Debbie Riddle’s HB945 that would save Harris County taxpayers at least $18,000,000

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Meanwhile in other zombie bureaucracy, in Las Vegas Sun: “Legions of bills will die today, except for the zombie bills” by Andrew Doughman:

Yes, that’s right: the zombie bills. Much like a zombie, a bill at the Nevada Legislature doesn’t necessarily die once.


Sometimes a legislator or lobbyist scores a decisive kill shot. … But just when you’re not looking, a reanimated bill can rise, rip open a warm-blooded bill, consume its innards, and crawl inside the skin of its new host: a zombie bill in a new suit.


The “Legi-matic” machine will take the text of your dead bill and, voilà, make it new and whole again by attaching its contents to another bill. Lobbyists can also introduce phantom bills, amendments that sweep quietly into the Legislature and possess an existing piece of legislation.


final adjournment — called sine die — is the only magic panacea that kills all zombie bills.

This is actually a terrible solution. Legislation is not a thing to be avoided. Ideas don’t die. We need legislatures that can quickly respond to changing culture and legislate to keep our society free. Instead zombies use delay and stalemate to preserve the status quo through inaction.

ZombieLaw has previously mentioned that there is a fear of changing meanings that favors the status quo. Arguably this is an appropriate for stance for the judicial branch (with lifetime appointments). But for the elected representatives, speedy fair elections with meaningful results would better serve the spirits of radical revolution that inspired this nation.

Legislative inaction, judicial restraint and executive subterfuge are a recipe for bureaucratic totalitarianism. (Slow zombies?) But so too the fear of swift action, and the dangerous of mob rule and minority oppression. (Fast zombies?)


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