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Zombie Symbols in Gay Marriage

April 1, 2013

What happens when you take a symbol, fuck it in the ass and spread the underlying shit all over the internet? No, not Santorum, rather, that red equality sign all over the facebook.

hrc red equal

It’s an equal sign, how could it be bad – sure it seems harmless, all my friends were doing it, and there were so many funny parody variants.– well it turns out for some that logo is a symbol of oppression because HRC (the organization whose symbol is that white equal sign on red background) is, though pro-gay-marriage, actually anti- lots of other minority groups that we should care about if we really mean equality. Particular uproar from the trans- community and also upset from blacks and latinos. See “Why I almost defriended everyone who had an HRC logo as their profile photo this week” and HuffPo: “What’s Behind Criticisms of Those Red Equal Signs in Your Facebook Feed? ” by Derrick Clifton

So … is that symbol about equality or ignorance or — Does intent matter? Is a Rising Sun always a Swastika? Does it matter what President Clinton thought when he signed DOMA? Is it like when President Obama signed NDAA? Who can we blame for authoring these laws? What does it mean to be an author? These presidents authorized these laws but step back from claiming author-function.

Many commentators think “zombies” has to do with economics or politics but I think it has a lot more to with how the global internet manipulates symbols, particularly at the crowd psychology level. This effects politics and economics but it’s so much more than that. It’s the ease to which we can create a flash mobs around symbols before we even know what we are saying.

Remember the old days when it took television years to spread a message – now we can all do it so fast — old traditionalists like Rick Santorum are still focused on 1990s television thinking “Will & Grace” created the sea change towards gay marriage:

Well, actually, I do kind of agree that “Will & Grace” was important for changing public opinion but it’s also about the same time that we all got internet; with global tracking and information archives plus instant communication. It’s a lot harder for any group to stay in the closet and harder for the world to ignore blatant injustices. So a decade after “Will & Grace”, gay marriage finally gets to SCOTUS. Sounds fast- if it were like say, patent litigation…

If they were even half the court the Warren Court was, they would order sweeping changes for equality. But Courts are historically opposed to action because of the very reason as above – symbols change meaning (sometimes after war and sometimes overnight), so how can we really know who is fighting injustice and who is spreading zombie ideas (compare again Batman and Jason Vorhees, troubled mama’s boys seeking their own forms of perverted justice) …

ALso – think of this in terms of the issue of “fast” or “slow” zombies – some zombie ideas are slow but hard to disprove so linger forever, others are fast and spread so rapidly they reach such a wide audience that they too will linger a long time.

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