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spoiler city – peter pan twitterverse christmas

December 8, 2014

Last Sunday (not yesterday, the week before), AMC faced backlash when it tweeted about it’s own show, “The Walking Dead”. Now a week later, so I think it’s safe to tweet about it? I don’t know, but Beth is dead and AMC told it’s fans on Twitter before the show even aired in California. Some viewers were upset (but don’t they know that tweeting their upset only further propagated the information and so they themselves then became the tweeter that spoiled for their friends). What a dumb world we live in.

See tweet from @WalkingDead_AMC:

#RIPBeth #TheWalkingDead

And response from @brianna256 simply “FUCK YOU”

See also Media Post: “When Fictional TV Characters Die, Fans Shed Real Tears” by Adam Buckman:

Spoiler alert: Beth Greene was not a real person.

But characters ARE real! Just like the zombies are real. If they weren’t real what is it we be talking about? Fictional existence is real. It doesn’t even have to exist in reality to be real. Real is a feeling.

Now it’s still possible to keep an entertainment secret (unless like Sony you get hacked) but once it airs in New York is it possible to keep it from the viewers in California? Should it be? I want something like AEREO so we can stop pretending that we aren’t all living in the same airwaves, part of the same cloud. Alas, SCOTUS killed that dream and Congress is too deadlocked to set up any new mandatory licensing schemes, so we have to wait. In the meantime, the media still wants to control information in both time and space.

Maybe this whole RIPBeth stunt was really an accident or maybe it was a media ploy to point out the absurdity? Twitter is often used to stir up controversy and it’s often impossible to tell which are paid marketing accounts. Clearly, AMC has a vested interest in spoiling the show for viewers who don’t watch live because they want to encourage live viewership; appointment television gets the ratings so that advertisers will pay. Still, they want the west coast viewers too, so this problem is not going away.

Consider also the Twitter response to “Peter Pan”, see Washington Post: “‘Peter Pan Live!’ flies clear of Twitter’s crocodile jaws” by Hank Stuever:

was far more entertaining and certainly more endurable than its zombie predecessor, last year’s “The Sound of Music Live!”

The early reviews were positive in part because Twitter didn’t get as much hate-watchers as they expected. Of course, Twitter was a little busy Thursday night with the mass protests. Is it coincidence that Brian Williams controls the news division and the news of no indictments created protests just in time to shadow his daughter’s weak musical? And why was it weak? Well, because despite being a great story, it’s never been a great musical. Also, the casting: nepotism and old farts. That was a political message.

This production was brought to us by Walmart featuring the actress from the Teenage Witch (and her real husband), so that we don’t even think that maybe the actor from “Blackish” is her husband? In the other version of the ad they seem together, but this version made sure we were clear about her family (laten racism but it’s her “real” husband so it’s not racism, right? it’s just real, right?) But the one token black Lost Boy is barely blackish.

Peter Pan’s costume was colored exactly like a nug of weed, because that’s what they were smoking when they created that acid trip Neverland with trees made of wedding bouquets (is that why Peter is always forgetting stuff? – flying?).
allison williams peter pan marijuana weed colors costume

See also the Inquisitr: “NBC’s ‘Peter Pan Live!’ Not So Magical?“:

The Twitterverse was anticipating a complete flop for “Peter Pan Live!” after last year’s zombie-like production of NBC’s “The Sound of Music.”

Weirdest episode of HBO‘s “Girls“, ever. And did Captain Hook get that watch in the war (see “Pulp Fiction”)? Did he have to bring it back tucked up in his ass and that’s why he’s pissed that Peter fed it to the crock?

This musical was as political a subtext as last year’s “Sound of Music”. Last year, it was Tea Party vampire Bill fleeing from the imposition of federal power. It was totally a message about Affordable Care Act. They had to join the church so that Von Trapp didn’t have to pay his employees health insurance as required by the federal power. This year it’s girls run off with girls who want to be boys to go fight old men who can’t barely stand up. It’s about silly childish unreality and delusions of youth. Captain Hook’s evil is obscured by Walken’s performance and Pan is maybe the villain?

Investor Place: “Surprise! WMT Is No Longer a Zombie” by James Brumley about the stock price of Walmart Stores Inc. (main sponsor of “Peter Pan”). Of course, this is really all about selling stuff. Imported stuff. Cheap stuff. Warehouses full of it. After all, it’s zombie Christmas.

Aleteia: “Why Write Christmas Carols in the Zombie Era?” by Joseph Bottum:

I’ve been writing Christmas songs over the past few years, and maybe for much the same reason that AMC fills the airwaves with its zombie-apocalypse television show “The Walking Dead”

If meaning comes only from us — if meaning arrives only via the human outlook on the world — then there is nothing meaningful in itself.

Throw in a few zombies, however, and you’ve got a world, for screenwriters and viewers, that thrums with all the deep meaning of the apocalypse and the end of days.

I find the mad festival of Christmas an answer of joyous unselfconsciousness

And see CraveOnline: “No, Seriously… ‘Die Hard’ is a Real Christmas Movie“:

“Vampire movies” can have vampire heroes or villains. “Zombie movies” simply have zombies in them, don’t they? “Christmas movies” can simply include Christmas as a prominent backdrop.

True that. Like zombies (and Beth), Christmas is real, whether we believe in it or not. And “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie! Is it also a zombie movie because he just won’t die?

Share your Christmas with Syracuse: “Send us photos of your crazy holiday lights, decorations” By Katrina Tulloch:

your blow-up sleigh, zombie Santa balloon and fake snow might be cool

And in NJ: “Zombie Santa invades Smithville; you’d better watch out!” by Peter Genovese:

Zombies seem to be everywhere these days

We are talking, of course, about Zombie Santa.

Mike Spagnola, co-owner of The Underground in Historic Smithville and Mr. Zombie Santa himself.

Meanwhile, AMC confirms “Preacher TV pilot ordered by AMC” by Zaharia Bogdan — ooh I’m excited for those characters to become real for more people. That story is F’ing crazy, but let’s not spoil it yet. Honestly I’m sort of more interested to know which musical NBC will try next year, has anyone hacked that information yet? C’mon spoiler city, spoil something good.

Or maybe you are too busy debating whether the chokehold is real? Or if this police state is real? Twitter present a new opportunity for the world to come together and debate our political structures, get organized and motivate like minds. Maybe Peter Pan was the moment we stop hate watching and get out in the streets. Let’s hope the next musical teaches us to vote. We could tell your legislators to create licensing for internet television and we can go back to hate-watching the same shows at the same time.

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