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December 7, 2014

This post is some zombie quotes that caught my attention this week but were too long to tweet and didn’t fit into a larger post theme on their own.

First, in Hillsboro, the local politics may be getting weird, see the Times Gazette: “Concerned citizens hold a meeting” by Gary Abernathy:

“My fellow ghosts, goblins, vampires, werewolves and zombies, please calm down and take your seats!” he implored. “We need to call this meeting to order!”

I think it’s a satire piece but I don’t know what Abernathy is referring to. Still if we held a a mass assembly of the monsters what politics should we discuss? How about the weather? See FT: “The Slow Lane: True nature of the new greens” by Harry Eyres:

The neo-environmentalists may look superficially a bit like the old environmentalists but they are, in fact, zombie or replicant environmentalists; that is to say, they don’t care at all about nature for its own sake but only about the services it provides to the human economy.

Well duh, we are human-centric. We really seem to think humans are “unique” (see this week’s decision of the 3d Appellate Division in New York regarding the rights of Tommy the imprisoned chimpanzee:

it is undeniable that, collectively, human beings possess the unique ability to bear legal responsibility.

Hmm… that’s not true. I hate when courts declare stuff that just not true. But the legal philosophy of our world really has no respect for our planet. As said above, we are human-centric. These are not Common Law judges these are zombie or replicant versions.

John Oliver performing at Buffalo: “Oliver declares eccentricity as America’s legacy” by Marcene Robinson:

Oliver’s bizarre observations of America continued with a zombie bar crawl in Minneapolis, Minn., and discovering that Denver, Colo., celebrates “Frozen Dead Guy Day.”

That’s a reference to both alcohol zombies and frozen zombies.

At the Daily Titan: “Zombie popularity reflects American fears” by Lizeth Luevano another mention of Dr. Golub’s upcoming class:

American Studies 428 is an upper division elective course that explores how monsters reflect the fears in America at the time in history of their popularity.

“What culture is afraid of can be very revealing,” said Associate Professor of American Studies Adam Golub, Ph.D.

Meanwhile, many academic institutions have a “dead week” between the end of classes and the start of finals, which for some schools was last week.

Houstonion Online: “Is Dead Week really necessary?” by Alexis Bloomer:

Across the United States, several large universities allow a week off before finals to help students prepare for a week of exams that might determine whether or not they will pass a class. This short yet precious time is known to college students as dead week. defines dead week as “the late night working and hardcore studying for finals that gives students a zombie-like atmosphere and causes an eerie silence and many blank, unseeing expressions.” Sadly, this is not a far stretch from reality.

And from the editorial board at OUdaily: “We encourage you to be a healthy zombie this undead week“.

Health is important, see New University UC Irvine: “Healthcare or Hellcare?” by Joseph Vu, a fourth-year public health policy major:

The new United States healthcare system is like a zombie apocalypse; we have a protocol for the situation, but honestly, we are not ready for zombies to take over America.

Consider similarly a tweet from Jonathon Tomlinson – ‏@mellojonny, an NHS GP in London:

before long the frail, elderly with nowhere to go will be wandering the streets like a zombie apocalypse

Much like college students.


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