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Jim DeMint’s “Zombie Congress” Heritage

November 5, 2014

Heritage Foundation President, and former Senator Jim DeMint writing in The Daily Signal: “Return of the Zombie Congress“:

While “Lame Duck” is the standard parlance in D.C., I prefer the more colorful term “Zombie Congress,” popularized in recent years by George Will and others. It more aptly conveys the peril of the situation. Zombie legislators are those unhappy senators and representatives who have been voted out of office, yet still stagger dutifully back to Washington for a month or so before Christmas break. ‘Tis the season when they are most dangerous.

Recall more “Zombie Congress” and note that many of the references are from Jim DeMint and his friends at Heritage Foundation.

(Update: I can’t seem to find any good link to when George Will may have written or said “zombie congress” – is this a zombie quote?)

zombie jim demint heritage zombies


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