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All elections’ eve

November 4, 2014

Tomorrow is the Midterms. Some zombies to watch tomorrow:

1) Washington 6th District Z-nation producer guy, an interesting connection of local politics and zombie television. Earlier this month: “6th District: A battle or just a bit of jousting between a politician and a Zombie filmmaker?” by By John Stang :

Rich Cowan is the lord of the zombies, a filmmaker with a national following in the popular sci-fi genre who would now like to join the political combat in the Washington state Legislature. He’s taking on Mike Baumgartner, a four-year state senator who has already made a name for himself in Olympia, sometimes with outspoken stances.

The series employs roughly 200 people beyond North of Northwest’s staff. “In ‘Zombie Nation,’ there is hope, and hope is a very important thing,” Cowan said.

2) Rep. Jared Polis in Colorado is friend of zombies who failed to stop fracking. Politics in Colorado made things difficult and part of politics is compromise. That’s hard for local people to live with (particularly when it was prompted by business interests). We’ll see how they treat Rep. Polis, but the Coloradoan endorsed his opponent, so Rep. Polis responded in letter to that paper: “Soapbox: Polis shares active outreach in Fort Collins” by Jared Polis:

Editorial boards are free to endorse the candidate of their choice, but it is important for my constituents to consider the work I do on behalf of the residents of Fort Collins. I look forward to continuing my robust Fort Collins outreach. When you see me around town at the Zombie Crawl, a local restaurant, taking my son CJ to the Museum of Discovery or going to plays at Bas Bleu, feel free to say hi and know I will not stop fighting and working hard to move forward on issues that are important to Fort Collins.

3) New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman the incumbent NY AG and his media efforts on zombie foreclosures. His television commercial says he wants the same rules for everyone, but I hope he knows that one law for the lion and the ox is not necessarily fair. Incidentally, lions are bloody pack predators but oxen are subservient worker animals, both are animals have characteristics similar to zombies. And this all a diversion from the problem, abandoned homes are only a part of the foreclosure crisis, there is a much bigger problem plaguing homeowners who are still in their homes and with whom banks refuse to negotiate. The owners need not abandon their homes if the banks would provide ample principal reductions and interest rate modifications to fairly adjust for the Recession they caused. Instead all we get is zombie rhetoric and election promises.

Meanwhile, Indiana Student Daily: “The media’s frequent lies“:

Start with the media. Pay attention to what you’re watching and what you’re listening to. Don’t take everything at face value. Don’t just be 
another zombie. Challenge what the media tells you to do, and be different.

Except also be careful not to let “be different” become it’s own zombie mantra, as we all become the same because we are all different. There must be a balance. Reacting to everything with difference is just as zombifying as accepting everything. It depends on your starting political orientation:

The Daily Beast: “In North Carolina, GOP Overreach May Be More Unpopular Than Obama” by Dean Obeidallah:

Ad after ad I saw described Hagan as a “rubber stamp,” almost zombie-esque follower of Obama. I kept expecting a GOP commercial showing Hagan actually living in the White House with the Obamas.

Recall Dean Obeidallah “zombie” from March 2013, mentioned in ZombieLaw:“Political Resurrection: Easter Zombie Lich”. In the 2013 article, Obeidallah listed politicians who returned from disgrace to careers as television personalities. Unfortunately that post about political horcruxes is somewhat impossible to read. The metaphors were so active last year that it was hard to even express all the conceptual blending. This remains a problem. “Our Liches are different.” Our zombies seems less zombie. Like on The Simpson’s last night, fracking is good as long as it’s not in our neighborhood.

Washington Post: Republicans bank on fear in this election” by Rachel Maddow:

…there is a certain genius in how we snug Election Day up against Halloween on the calendar. We scare each other for fun and profit on the last day of October every year, but then in even-numbered years, we keep going. We scare each other on the first Tuesday thereafter, too, rolling right from our night of haunted houses and zombie costumes into a national election that’s being directed like the shower scene from “Psycho.”

Yes, there is an odd connection between elections and Halloween – going around in masks, giving candy to babies – and as I mentioned the other day, egging or toilet-papering homes where no one was home (i.e. they don’t live here, don’t let voters registered at that address?). Is there much difference between a White Ninjago costume and a KKK outfit? Talk about scary, last night’s 60 Minutes with patrols of aggressive Muslims in London yelling at gays to get out and women to cover up and wear hijab. Contrast the Bronx where construction catcalls encourage the opposite. It’s all freedom until someone gets hurt.

Which are the zombies? The voters who don’t vote, the voters who vote for the incumbent mainstream, for the other mainstream political opposition, for the third-party, which is the zombie? Even if we think hard about it, even if we make an impassioned argument or a well-reasoned choice, it doesn’t matter, we are still slaves to our own biases and education. None of us know what is universally good or true. We have to make a choice. Not voting is a vote for the winner.

PanAmPost: If You Are Reading This … You ARE the Resistance” by Frank Worley-Lopez:

Many of us sense it: something is not right with the world and our countries. Something is missing in the eyes of our fellow humans, and in their hearts. We watch zombie movies only to realize the zombies are already here, staggering blindly in search of blood and following the hordes of doom. Their hollow words echo like the grunts of the undead, mystically following some instinct to the edge of madness.

Midterms? Best of luck with your exams.

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