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They love ZombieLaw in German

October 31, 2014

Legal Tribune Online, a german publication: “Zombies im Recht

Natürlich spielen Zombies auch vor Gericht immer wieder einmal eine Rolle. Wann genau, ist liebevoll zusammengestellt in den Fallsammlungen “Zombie in the Federal Courts” und “Undead in the Federal Courts“, die authentische Verfahren mit Bezug zu diesen beiden Gruppen aus dem Monstrositätenkompendium liefern. Und natürlich gibt es das Ganze inzwischen auch online, nämlich hier und hier.

Der Blog des Autors spannt den Bogen jedoch noch sehr viel weiter und dokumentiert das umfassende Wirken und Walten von Zombies in Recht, Politik und Zeitgeschehen in hunderten von Beiträgen, zu denen sich beinahe täglich neue gesellen

Which Google can translate (what a world we live in!) and it says “Zombies in the…”:

Of course Zombies play in court again and again even matter. When exactly is lovingly compiled in the event collections ” Zombie in the Federal Courts “and” Undead in the Federal Courts “, provide the authentic method with respect to these two groups from the Monstrositätenkompendium. And of course there is the whole thing now also online, namely here and here .

The blog of the author , however, spans the much further and documented the extensive work and workings of zombies in law, politics and current events in hundreds of articles, including new join almost daily.

I should probably subject some of my own writing to back-translation and see what happens. I bet I’m funny in German-google-translation.

This German article also gives a plug for Injured by a Zombie, the Zombie Law firm, who has a wonderful display of web design and search engine optimization. They totally play the exact same idea of this blog with a far superior design and even some similar style on their tweets, with a twitter handle so similar but I think any reader can tell us two zombies from each other. Non-zombies might probably confuse us.

Unfortunately, that happens with my given name all the time too. And on Amazon searching my author name will results in another supernatural writer of a similar name. He’s not me. Am I even me? There are lots of people with my name. Maybe that started my zombification? But there are so many other reasons…

@Zombie_Law – the twitter handle for has asked what makes them fake? Nothing. It’s all real. But I encourage you all to keep following my handle @LawZombie for the latest update on zombie metaphor in law and politics.

Meanwhile, speaking of SEO magic, take a peak at the top images for Helen Thomas. The dead journalist is immortalized as a zombie face because of some strange Google correlation wizardry. Happy Halloween you old stubborn witch.

zombie google helen thomashelen thomas zombie

If I had to guess what’s happening it’s that Bill Maher is mentioned in LA Times: “Opinion: Why UC Berkeley got it wrong on Bill Maher’s speech” by Karin Klein:

if the commencement speaker at one of their ceremonies had been Helen Thomas, the late White House correspondent who toward the end of her career said that the Jews should leave Israel—which she refused to recognize at all, calling it Palestine—and go back to where they came from, including Poland. In our family is an aunt who survived the concentration camps, including Auschwitz.

OOh, Auschwitz? And Bill Maher has been referring to “zombie lies” and used it again last week’s show.

Meanwhile, at the same time the other Helen Thomas (a live journalist at The Street) has being quoted in regards to oil business over at Wall Street Journal: “Energy Journal: Oil Market Deafened by Saudi Silence” by Alexis Flynn:

Big oil—companies like BP, Royal Dutch Shell and Total—often make a point of playing down their sensitivity to the oil price. The refrain usually goes along to (un)popular tunes like “We Invest Through the Cycle” or “Our Portfolios are Big and Diverse.” As Heard on The Street writer Helen Thomas explains, they may have a point;

My page is maybe the only site to make the connection between those two Helen Thomas‘s and so with the trending relevance Google thinks this is the best image for her? This must be a problem for so many people? Karin Klein and Karen E. Klein both at the L.A. Times?! And how many others with that name? Whatever will we do to identify these zombies?! Does it even matter?

But what of elections, of voting, if the Facebook likes are zombies, then maybe we can’t really be sure those “likes” they mean anything. And what of voting? How many times will you vote on Tuesday?

Is that why Halloween comes before election day? To toilet paper and egg all the zombie homes that no one lives at? If you won’t come to your door then you are a maybe a zombie home, so we identify these bad addresses before the election? That’s terrible because some people like their privacy. We need privacy and democratic elections. It’s not an easy balance, especially after you translate it to and from German.


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