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Official accounting for bad taste

October 31, 2014

The Facebook can count likes, but it takes two Secret Service agents to investigate sarcastic satire. Recall the rebel artist Sabo, well he caught the attention of the Secret Service with some tweets.

First, counting Facebook likes, see MarketWatch: “Facebook’s ‘like’ button separates Democrats from Republicans” by Quentin Fottrell:

AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” is liked by both parties. “Perhaps Republicans see the survivors of the zombie apocalypse as the 1% and the hordes of hungry zombies are the 99%,” says John Doyle

Also in “5 things Republicans and Democrats can agree on: Facebook study” by Geoff Herbert, and in 2Paragraph: “Democrats Like ‘The Hobbit,’ Republicans Like ‘Lonesome Dove’” by Niall McArdle.

Maybe one reason that “Walking Dead” is popular with both political parties is because zombies are an empty signifier onto which anyone can read their own politics. But also, consider another article written by Fottrell from last July in MarketWatch: “Politically, millennials swing both ways” and as recently discussed, Millennials love zombies.

Unfortunately, not everyone thinks zombies are in good fun. Political artist Sabo, self-proclaimed “not a Left-WIng-Zombie-Artist”, wrote some ill-worded tweets about zombie Lee Harvey Oswald and a rifle. This apparently entitled him to a visit from two plain clothes agents of the federal government. See BizPacReview: “Anti-Obama artist records a visit from the Secret Service; do you believe in zombies?” by Joe Saunders, with Sabo’s posted video of being interviewed by the supposed Secret Service agents, while displaying artwork he created of President Obama’s face as a toilet seat:

To see more of Sabo’s art, see this article from June in The Blaze: “Art or Vandalism? Street Artist Sabo Creates Edgy Work That Has Made the Left Angry” by Mike Opelka.

Maybe the Secret Service guys were cosplayers coming by for Halloween Trick or Treat? I wonder what kind of candy the Secret Service likes? Maybe d0xcake? But see also, again from Quentin Fottrell at MarketWatch: “Over half of trick-or-treaters want cash, not candy“. Well, duh, they can’t well pay the hookers with candy now can they? But Halloween isn’t supposed to be about real life horrors, according to New York Daily News: “Halloween is a needed distraction from real-life horrors” by Denis Hamill:

We need to see trick-or-treaters dressed up as zombies and witches to keep our minds off the real terrors of jihadists, abusers and disease for one night.

As if we needed to put on masks in order to forget about our problems. We can just click like to do that. Who needs free speech or privacy? Come knock on the door, we’ll give you free candy.

  1. cheers for the shout-out

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