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donations militarizing zombie dogs

October 18, 2014

Police technology is sometimes bought by private donations. Civil liberties groups are concerned, see ProPublica: “Private Donors Supply Spy Gear to Cops” by Ali Winston and Darwin Bond Graham.

But if they didn’t, who would buy Zombie a vest? See Post Tribune:: “K-9 officer to get bulletproof vest“:

Zombie, a four-legged member of the Lake County police department, will be sporting a bulletproof vest … thanks to help from a Massachusetts not-for-profit group that helps obtain the protective gear

I wonder what other “protective gear” this unnamed non-profit provides. But doesn’t Zombie look cute in his picture. Surely this article is an attempt to make us think that donations can’t be bad if they protect such a cute zombie.

Meanwhile in NY Daily News: “New York state cops are loaded up with $28M in military gear” by Tina Moore and Sarah Ryley:

If the zombie apocalypse ever comes to New York, towns big and small will have the weaponry to handle it. The Pentagon has provided at least $28 million worth of equipment to 128 police departments and sheriff’s offices across the state

Recall also other zombie dogs (including other K9 with the same name), zombie police, zombie military and zombie weapons.

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