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Day Four: The circus closes #NYCC

October 13, 2014

I only went up for a few hours at the end. Even then I couldn’t resist buying more stuff. It’s like the greatest mall ever. Just so many pitches for great creative products, one after another after another. I have been so overstimulated for four days.

Here’s a “Monster Haiku” by Jason Deeble he said I could steal for the blog:

monster haiku social media

Perhaps I should have bought one of those portable batteries they were selling. If only they had a device that could store up human sleep. But another novel piece of technology actually being sold was a device to turn any object into an audio speaker (just connect it to the surface and the vibrations make the object into a speaker). There is some irony in selling this device that “turns anything into a speaker” at a convention full of artists struggling to sell their voice to people dressed for display.

More art: Dave Ryan’s Manticore Stencil Art is pretty cool. Some stickers from Your Faith Looks Familiar, the whole Comicosm from Ray Sumser, “Indestructible“, “The Red Baron“, “VUDOG“.

Also, though I don’t really understand anime pin-up digital art, there is something a little different, nontraditional and intriguing about Jazmin Ruotolo’s work in that genre. Now this is evidence that I have been walking around the Comic Con for too long when I can start to identify stylistic variations in this kind of art but there is something different about her ponies and pinups than the more more traditional, for example see the excellent work of Centimetre who had prints at the Con too (particularly this one and others like it). Centimetre’s prints are stunning modern updates on this genre but further emphasize the somewhat unusual nature of Ruotolo’s grittier work (grittier in a grit-glam sort of way).

Also there is some wonderful talent at the School of Visual Arts (SVA), their table gave a free portfolio book of amazing work from last year’s graduates and special shout-out to other prints from students: Gabrielle Gomez (particularly for the glowing longing of her characters’ eyes), Xvonge Wang (for her flower girl), and Kieran Judd (for colorful characters).

There are just so many ideas out there and even the most original stuff is subtle repeated variation of other stuff, and it’s all competing with each other but in a friendly way (recall Frombie, friendly zombies). There is an evolution of culture and the Convention is Petri dish.

Who will succeed who will fail? These questions that depend on much more than good writing, bold drawing or impressive colors. The booth location, the way you look, the way you pitch, sometimes the failures are legitimately better than the successes but that’s not just the luck of the dice roll, better luck next time. Sometimes the failures can become future gems.

At the close of the weekend the energy was rundown. The vendors were tired, the attendees were tired, the party was clearly over but no one really rushing to go home. Unlike the past three nights, it was still daylight out when we left Javits, a big difference on the vibe when the entire building is made of glass. It was like the lights were turned on bright for us to leave, but oh can’t we stay just a little longer in zombie consumerist fantasy land?

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