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Day Three: again, again #NYCC

October 12, 2014

Got off to a slow start this morning, waited out the rain, but I did get back up to the Javits for a few more hours of New York Comic Con.

I went back to Eslinger Art and got two Wonderland prints (the rabbit and the march hare, no hatter because his third eye is scary), and that Green Lantern Rorshach! Yesterday I referred to the Rorshach concept of branding and today I read in the Leader Post a similar idea from yesterday’s: “Don’t dismiss it as a silly zombie show“, Alex Strachan of Postmedia News wrote:

The Walking Dead is many things to many people. To some, it’s a high octane adrenalin kick; to others, it’s an amorality play about our shared humanity. It’s a Rorschach test: We see what we want to see. It’s possible no two people will watch The Walking Dead the same way. One person will look and see Mad Max; another will look and see Canterbury Tales and Pilgrim’s Progress, set against the backdrop of a world gone mad, a dystopian future where technology has failed and nothing works. The Walking Dead asks the big questions. Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going?

I still think Eslinger’s Rorshachs epitomize the Con and the times. Read it how you will. The floating zombie brandname signifiers are everywhere.

At NYCC, many hot people with cosplay and many with zombie sores on their faces. A sort of ‘yes, I’m hot and hideous look at me’.

In the Press Telegram: “A semi-expert analysis of adults in Halloween costumes” by Josh Dulaney of Long Beach Press Telegram:

according to the National Retail Federation… a record two-thirds of Americans will buy costumes, and adults have gone super-creative, with the Top 5 in order being: witch, animal, Batman character, pirate, zombie.

Yeah, that sounds about right but if it’s NYCC we should add Deadpool, lots of various incarnations of Deadpool, and Spiderman, and Frozen, and video game armor and Wonder Woman, oh wonder woman…

TheSpec: “What is left unsaid” by Alex Good:

Strong emotion, of any sort, can be one’s undoing. Better to keep up appearances, to live life at the conventional rhythm, a rhythm described by the visionary story “Terminus” as “a mystery indeed … an aid to dissimulation, a guide to those who otherwise would not know how to act.” Marching to that rhythm may make you a zombie, but you’ll rue the day you break with it.

Frombies” are friendly zombies. Katrina Catizone draws hyperreal charcoal portraits. Adam Disbrow does expressionism. Aubrey Nolan, a child of the 90’s makes simplistic line drawings of the 80’s.

Some books: “Oxymoron“, “Dragonstorm“, “Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew“, “God the Dyslexic Dog“, Paint it Black Comics, “The Samurnauts“, “First Law of Mad Science” and drawn in to my new copy of “Dead Classic”:

See also the table for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund!

And I found dice! Three D20 acquired! Goal achieved.

One more day tomorrow. I really must try to spend no more money. But I sort of want the silver dice and maybe more issues of “High Fructose Zombies“.

Of course, the hungry homeless on the street would probably better benefit from my discarded dollars but these artists all seem so genuine. They are really noble in trying to create characters and build alternative worlds. It’s an amazing feat what these people do.

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