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Day One: If I had a dollar for every “zombie” overheard at NY-Comic-con I could buy a lot more art

October 10, 2014

So Day One of NYCC was pretty awesome. Javits Center is huge and it’s filled with things to look at. My legs and back hurt. Gotta get some rest to go do it all again tomorrow.

Seriously, the word “zombie” buzzing everywhere and not just in the book titles, plenty of cosplay too. I spotted a Zombie Peter Pan and Zombie Tinkerbell, I smirked at that conceptual blend. I also saw a woman whose makeup looked a lot like the David Guetta zombie video but maybe it was another character that I am unfamiliar with. It’s sad when people mistake characters, like when I overheard someone refer to the rabbit from “Donnie Darko” as a weird zombie wolf creature. I didn’t snap pictures of these people in part because: “cosplay is not consent” but also because I was trying to avoid snapping pictures of everything and just try to take in the overwhelming experience. But here are the few pictures I did take:

The main floor is an insane experience packed full of people and so much stuff. Look, here’s Robert Kirkman signing autographs:

robert kirkman nycc

But for me the best part of the show is the Artist Alley, it’s much more relaxed there and the merchandise is more unique. It might feel like a long walk over there, but the signs overhead are humorous:

Please don’t feed the zombies… sometimes they bite!

Here’s an original zombie drawn by artist Matt Petz, he said I could tweet it, I hope blogging was implied in that consent.

I think it has a Batman ‘Two-Face’ look, and I’m not sure I ever really considered the impact of Harvey Dent on the zombie-law connection. I will have to give that more thought in the future.

Still, one of the best parts is just looking around, including at the architecture of this wonderful glass exhibit center, like a giant display case.

And the people-watching, oh the people-watching. The whole experience is quite overwhelming, and I’m excited to get to go back. Tomorrow I want to revisit the FUBAR guys and have them draw a zombie historic person, there wasn’t enough time tonight and also I’m not sure which historic figure to suggest; I guess a lawyer would be most appropriate.


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