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Some zombie education is good

October 9, 2014

The previous post was about some educators getting in trouble for their prurient zombie interests. Today, let’s revisit two successful zombie educators who manage to keep their day jobs while exploring zombie themes.

KING 5 News: “Seattle teacher using zombies to teach geography” by Meg Coyle about teacher David Hunter’s zombie-based learning (recall Zombie Middle School Geography with link to his Kickstarter funding).


KPBS: “UCSD Professor Uses Zombies To Teach About Neuroscience” about Bradley Voytek, assistant professor of computational cognitive science and neuroscience, with new book “Do Zombies Dream of Undead Sheep?” (with original collaborator Timothy Verstynen) (and recall previous ZombieLaw mentions of Dr. Voytek including a cartoon)

Meanwhile, and speaking of good education, here’s a tip from Epoch Times: “Why You Should Never Want to Use Another Person’s USB Drive Ever Again” by DJ Miller because these drives can:

Install corrupted software. …
Become a man-in-the-middle. …
Divert Internet communications. …
Operate a zombie keyboard. …

Nevertheless, if you want one of my limited edition custom USB zombie drives (pull the brain from the zombie head) then you should totally order one, now with a significant price drop to just $13.99. I can promise that I didn’t put any software on these drives but I guess I can’t promise that the manufacturer didn’t do something shady. Even if you never plug it in, it still makes for a cute keychain (the ear is a chain hole) or just use it as a desk ornament.

zombie usb brain

Better yet, maybe you want a book. Professor Rapp wants a book. He is a law professor at the University of Toledo, College of Law, and wrote on PrawfsBlawg yesterday: “Zombies Defeat Tort Law” about a case going to trial in Ohio on whether a surrounding game of Humans v. Zombies was sufficiently distracting as to overcome the doctrine of open and obvious dangers. In this post, Professor Rapp mentions his desire for a “review copy” of my book, so ok sure why not, he asked nice, I guess I mail it to the law school?

Reading is zombie-mental. Similarly, a tweet from Pam wants me to read her client’s new book. Sure why not.

Meanwhile, my own academic scholarship is in the toilet. I may have to give up on the doctoral dreams and satisfy myself with a masters. The politics of the PhD path have kicked the frozen zombie poop out of me (when doctoral advisement becomes a cold war shit joke metaphor it’s perhaps time to “let it go” or “let it poop“?).

Besides, I think I would rather just hang out at the comic con today. If I see you at Javits maybe I’ll give you a free zombie USB drive (I have a few new/unused in my bag). Though it might be smart not to accept those from strangers, but consider also that free books also pose a slight danger in transmitting dangerous ideas (as do discussion panels).

Most the traditional education panel discussion are today (see Diamond Bookshelf: “NYCC Offers Educator And Librarian-Themed Panels“) I’ve already missed some (I was busy teaching classes this morning), so I better hurry and get up there!


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