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Educators put on leave for producing zombie slasher films

October 7, 2014

NYDailyNew: “Connecticut middle school educators unmasked as makers of nude slasher films: report” by Nina Golgowski:

The side job of Granby Memorial Principal Dr. Mark D. Foley, whose slasher films feature busty bikini and blood-covered babes — some fully nude — was revealed Thursday alongside Sage Park Middle School guidance counselor Aaron Vnuk. Foley is now on paid administrative leave.


The dynamic, zombie-loving duo first met and joined freaky forces while Foley was serving as vice principal at Sage Park. He later went on to oversee the Granby middle school in 2013, the Courant reported.

Ooh, that’s a zombie batman reference! Because, ya know, secret identities! Zombie masks for Halloween and other Anonymous activities of trick or treat. But then they find out that you make sexually explicit movies and suddenly it’s not so funny that he’s your underage ward and you run around in your underwear at night.

Yeah so it’s probably not the zombies or the slasher violence, I’m guessing it’s the sexual innuendo that comes with the genre. You see it’s acceptable for Hollywood to make these kind of non-porn body-exploitation gore movies but not for our educators, even in their spare time.

For more information, see the Hartford Courant: “Two Educators Behind Violence And Nudity In Slasher Flicks” by Matthew Kauffman:

“Put in the context of a school, then it’s not appropriate,” he said. “But there is no overlap there, that’s the thing to keep in mind. This is not being done at school or anything.”

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