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Lawsuit against San Diego for inadequate safety at SDCC Zombie Walk

October 6, 2014

You may recall the horror show at this past San Diego Comic Con, when the zombie walk was hit by a deaf driver. That driver is suing the city of San Diego for inadequate safety precautions. This case could have potential implications for crowd control and city permitting for free assembly and other zombie related issues. The issue of the deaf driver makes this a disabilities related case and about the safety of roads for all people.

Recall from breaking news back in July: Daily News: “Driver hits woman, 64, escaping San Diego zombie horde” and TMZ: “Zombie Walk Turns Violent Woman Hit By Car When Crowd Goes Berserk

Now see Digital Journal: “San Diego Attorney Dan Gilleon Appears on KUSI to Discuss “Zombie Walk” Case“:

A recent lawsuit focused on injuries sustained during a “Zombie Walk” at this year’s Comic-Con, one of San Diego’s biggest public gatherings. A driver is suing the city of San Diego for failing to control crowds during the Zombie Walk, claiming this lack of control led to his injuries.

Dan Gilleon, the attorney representing the driver, recently appeared on KUSI News to discuss the case.

Zombies with any additional information about this case should consider contacting Gilleon Law Firm.


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