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Local UK government answers FOI with reference to fictional characters

September 24, 2014

It’s a simple story going viral, seems a local council in the UK, county of Essex, got a little snarky in its response to the absurd FOI questions it received about zombie apocalypse preparation. As we know from other recent viral media, it’s not just absurd it’s government policy in Kansas.

Rather than say they had no such policy, this Essex county referred the citizens to experts, Drs. Venkman, Spengler and Stantz, FBI agents Mulder and Scully, also Shaun, and Major Henry West. === Somebody page Alan Moore to write that mashup; call it ‘League of Supernatural Gentlemen’? Moore’s hometown in Northamptonshire is not far from Essex. Recall also: “Overthinking Ghostbusters by Adam Bertocci“.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, answering a question about fictional characters with an answer referencing fiction makes sense. But, I frequently insist zombies are real (if not, what have I been writing about), and would happily defend the reality of ghostbusters and x-files. They are real and Essex can consult them (as one can consult other textual sources). But really the answer is that they have no plan. So, I’m left to wonder how many other FOI requests are answered with this kind of name dropping.

Story available at:

BBC: “Call Ghostbusters, Essex County Council advises in FOI response

DailyStar: “OFFICIAL ADVICE: Call the GHOSTBUSTERS for your supernatural needs” By Andy Wells

MailOnline: “Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! Council’s advice to resident’s Freedom of Information request about paranormal activity” By Jennifer Newton:

Essex Chronicle: “Who you gonna call? Spoof Essex County Council FoI response refers resident to Ghostbusters and Shaun of the Dead in virus pandemic


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