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Governor Brownback zombie

September 23, 2014

The Associated Press is reporting that Kansas Governor Brownback will sign a zombie preparedness bill on Friday. This bill will make October officially Zombie Preparedness Month in Kansas.

Topeka Capital Journal: “Gov to proclaim Zombie Preparedness Month
Kansas City Business Journal: “The zombies are coming to Kansas
Wichita Eagle: “Brownback to proclaim Zombie Preparedness Month
NBCNews: “Kansas Governor to Sign ‘Zombie Preparedness Month’ Proclamation
CNBC: In Kansas, October’s the time to prepare for zombies
MediaIte: “Kansas Gov. Will Sign a ‘Zombie Preparedness Month’ Proclamation” by Josh Feldman

This is not the first time that October so denoted by Kansas and this governor, see in 2012: “October is Zombie Preparedness Month – Really!

Meanwhile, Governor Brownback may also be a zombie politician of another sort. This past Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” they talked about Governor Brownback and suggested the state of Kansas might go blue this election season. They suggested that Governor Brownback has cut taxes too much and there is some significant backlash. See The Hill: “Grover Norquist on MTP: Vote Republican for Lower Taxes” by Mike Lillis:

Brownback, a former GOP senator who championed the tax cuts in his state, is under fire from a long list of Kansas officials, including many Republicans, who contend those cuts have contributed to the state’s recent economic struggles.

zombie governor brownback

Grover Norquist thinks Governor Brownback will win, but Grover Norquist doesn’t think pink unicorns are real, so what does he know. Actually, he knows quite a bit about libertarianism and has this year attended Burning Man, so he’s an important figure for many types of zombies. And recall, again from 2012: the fiscal cliff Taxmageddon but Norquist thinks that sequester was “progress”.

If that’s the way the incoming (likely to be Republican controlled) Congress is going to make its progress, then we are all going to need some drastic emergency preparation. Perhaps the nation needs to look closer at Kansas, do we really want a slash and burn Congress? Across the board spending cuts, would that be progress? Can Kansas answer that? I think NBC wants me to think so.

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