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Darryl gay? Romero not impressed #KimKardashianGame

September 16, 2014

The Canadian Press via Winnipeg Free Press: “‘Night of the Living Dead’ director Romero unimpressed by today’s zombies” by Nelson Wyatt.

There are “very few horror films that I think are worth their salt,” says Romero

george romero not impressed

I wonder if he saw “The Canyons” with Lindsay Lohan and James Deen, reviewed at the Guardian last May: “The Canyons: panned by critics, is that because it dares to show our future?” by John Patterson:

The Canyons is Paul Schrader’s zombie movie. Its blank-generation protagonists feast upon each other’s weaknesses with glazed eyes, or submit blandly to each other’s vile manipulations in a hollowed-out, ice-cold hellscape in which everyone is either prostitute or pimp, or both.

The critics ate his movie alive, innards, brains, eyeballs, the lot, seeing only the disaster they’d hoped. Like zombies

zombie canyons social media

Or any of the recent Kardashian shows or apps, see in Cosmo: “All The Coolest U.S. Government Staffers Are Playing Kim Kardashian’s iPhone Game” by Alex Rees:

Kim Kardashian’s brilliantly banal new iPhone game is already the next Plants vs. Zombies, except of course every character in the game is a mindless Hollywood zombie, and there are no plants to fight off their materialistic attacks with because LA is just that artificial these days.

NoisePorn from this past May: Fame Is Like a Really Cool STD” By Xavier Vega:

We all know what “going viral” means: when someone shares a video with a few friends, then those people share it with their friends and so on, until the infection is everywhere like a zombie plague.

zombie kim game

It’s about the appropriation and direction of digital image, see in PSmag: “Why Do We Love the ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’ Game?” By Kyle Chayka:

UNLIKE KIM KARDASHIAN, ELLEN Page didn’t know she was going to be in a video game. But when The Last of Us, a post-apocalyptic zombie survival game created by Naughty Dog, was released in June 2013, the actress got a surprise. In the game, the protagonist, a weathered man named Joel, has to escort a young woman named Ellie across the ruined United States, dodging deadly zombies and hostile humans alike. Ellie, a mousy young woman with brown hair, happened to look just like Ellen.

Bravo to Kim Kardashian for actually profiting so successfully on the alienation of her digital image. Lindsay Lohan has also sued for her supposed likeness used in video game though her argument is more tenuous than Ellen Page’s. Former dictator Noriega is also having a go at it, see BloombergBNA: “Noriega v. Activision: An Unlikely Fight Between a Dictator and a Video Game Giant” by Blake Brittain:

The game has sold nearly 25 million copies worldwide, and Noriega is seeking lost profits and damages for “blatant misuse, unlawful exploitation and misappropriation for economic gain.” Noriega claims Activision used his likeness “to heighten realism in [the] game,” which includes a zombie-killing mode and a scene in which the villain attacks Los Angeles with the entire U.S. drone fleet.

Meanwhile, see also from The Spokesman this past July at comic con: “Zombie Killer Takes Selfie” posted by DFO:

Norman Reedus (“Darryl”), right, takes a selfie at “The Walking Dead” panel

There are now some significant rumors that “Daryl” on “The Walking Dead” might be homosexual (“not that there’s anything wrong with that.” and not specifically because of this selfie.) Using Google to search for a link to cite for that claim and I copied from the Spokesman article spelling, with “Darryl” spelled incorrectly, and that error seemed to help Google find where I was going with this. See image below of my Google search – the same result does not arise if Daryl is spelled correctly (perhaps only Darryl with two r’s is gay?).

darryl walking dead google

So if you are interested in those rumors about this fictional character’s sexual identity then it should be easy to find them via google search. Presumably, these rumors are good for the sales of Norman Reedus posters. But the question from “The Canyons” remains: is it gay if it’s in a foursome with Lindsay Lohan?

See The Anchor “Choking on the Reality of It” by Greg Maynard:

I am tired of technology poisoning the minds of our generation’s completely vulnerable and uninterested zombie army of sickening neutrality.

Consider another summer article at the Spokesman: “First They Come For Our Selfies: Man Wanted For Snapping Pic During Running Of The Bulls” by Jake O’Donnell:

Cracking down on dangerous behavior during a bull run is like handing out condoms during a zombie holocaust.

So Romero’s unimpressed with the state of zombies. Probably that’s a media dig at SyFy’s Z-Nation which everyone is loving to hate on (See Dan Drezner‘s claims before watching that the premiere that it “The one mortal threat to the zombie apocalypse genre“). But no, zombies are all over the mainstream media, and if we broaden to a full use of the metaphor, we see “zombies” are dominating even though they don’t look like Romero’s version.

O’Donnell continues:

Not sure what the logic is behind the law this guy violated, but it’s clear what the punishment could’ve been had the bull been the judge.


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