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If Scots free, Labour is a zombie

September 9, 2014

Daily Mail: “2015 General Election may be postponed because a Labour win means they’d be in charge of a ‘zombie government’ in power thanks to Scottish MPs who would be swept away when Scotland leaves the union” by James Chapman:

One minister said: ‘Labour could win a majority in 2015 but it would be running a zombie government which everyone knows would lose that majority less than a year later. What would happen then? Nobody seems to be thinking about these questions.’

Why is this minister unnamed? Then explaining, quoting by name from the former Labour MP Eric Joyce:

Labour might win a UK election by a small majority, only to see a Tory government and prime minister take power in England without an election once the Scots had departed.

The departure is expected with a vote on the a national referendum for Scottish independence next week (Sept 18, 2014).

For more background see Vox: “8 questions about Scottish independence you were too embarrassed to ask” by Amanda Taub:

the vote is a “once-in-a-generation opportunity.”

And see more ZombieLaw British, UK, Great Britain, zombies across the pond.


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