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Eisenhower Memorial Zombie

September 5, 2014

The Columbus Dispatch: “New Eisenhower memorial design scaled down” By Lacey Johnson, Reuters:

“I will bet any amount of money it will never get built,” said Justin Shubow, president of the National Civic Art Society, who has been an outspoken critic of Gehry’s design for the memorial. “ The challenge is: How do you kill a zombie?”

zombie justin shubow eisenhower gehry memorial

See also for more of Shubow’s advocacy against Frank Gehry’s architectural designs, writing on May 8th:

The proposed design for the Eisenhower Memorial should be rejected for one that accords with our capital’s classical tradition of architecture and with the nature of monuments themselves—to make a simple, clear statement easily accessible to the public.

And on January 17:

We Must Preserve the Founders’ Classical Vision for Our Nation’s Capital

There is some irony in preserving the vision of dead people (‘dead hand of the past’) by calling the new vision a “zombie”.

See more Zombie Dwight Eisenhower.

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One Comment
  1. Zombie Gorbachev? I’m undead Trotsky exorcising the unholy Modernist Zeitgeist (i.e., Hegelian ghost of the times). As for mortmain, Blackacre now, Blackacre tomorrow, Blackacre forever!

    Furthermore, at the National Capital Planning Commission meeting yesterday on the Eisenhower Memorial, Gehry’s partner repeatedly called the design’s steel tapestries “membranes.” Cf.:

    Insane in da membrane
    Insane in da brain
    Insane in da membrane
    Crazy insane, got no brain*


    *Muggerud, Larry; Freeze, Louis M.; Reyes, Senen. “Insane In The Membrane.” Universal Music Publishing Group, 1993.

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