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Happy Halloween

September 1, 2014

Orlando Sentinel: “Frightfully early? No, say Halloween stores” by Kyle Arnold:

Zombie paraphernalia is still popular, including a range of zombie pets to go along with gruesome masks and costumes.

KPBS: “The Unofficial Launch Of Halloween” by Beth Accomando:

”Your costumes, your zombie doesn’t want to smell like Febreze he wants to smell like a zombie. The one for zombies is called rotting decay,” [Scott Lynd of Froggy’s Fog] said.

AND at good4Utah: “It’s Almost Time for Comic Con” … by which they mean Salt Lake Comic Con 2014, Sept 4-6, but given that Halloween has already begun, the headline is also applicable to the upcoming 2014 New York Comic Con, Oct 9-12. Of course in New York it’s always Halloween and it’s time for fall fashion cosplay. Also in fashion, Labor day traditionally signifies the end to wearing white. So bring out the fall colors and radically overthrow that summer wardrobe.

Labor day is a good day to raise the dead. This holiday is about radical worker organizations but has been quieted by picnic feasts of BBQ’d pork. Families stay at home and eat meat while Congress raises money. Labor relates to the zombie-slave themes of Haitian sugar mills. But the modern labor day, like the modern day zombie, is consumed with consumerism.

Of course there’s that racist term “Indian Summer” which suggests lingering warmth, so the Natives don’t put all their shorts and sun dresses in storage yet. But it is time to turn the merchandise to Halloween. Wait another week and it starts to seem like the skeletons are being put out in honor of 9/11. Oh and then Columbus Day. So get it out early to avoid improper associations. Zombies for Labor Day.

And take them down at election day. November’s midterm elections are coming, Nov 4, if we wanted we could have an entirely new House of Representatives and a whole bunch of new Senators. Yes I’m serious. Vote against every incumbent. Your own zombie is not better than the rest, vote them all out, every single one of them. Take down all the zombies in November. ALL OF THEM!!! Remember remember the fifth of November 2014 we could wake up and it could be a whole new legislature. And we could do that repeatedly until these people started really working faster because they wouldn’t be here the next year to try again.

Happy labor day, trick or treat,


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