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Senator Kirk: “America might get overrun with zombies”

August 26, 2014

WAND17: “A Child and a Senator Strike Up an Unexpected Friendship After Suffering Similar Strokes” quotes U.S. Senator Mark Kirk, Republican, junior Senator from Illinois:

“I was playing one zombie game to help me with my hand eye coordination between me and the computer,” said Kirk. “And I would always joke with him that if he didn’t get better at the zombie game, that America might get overrun with zombies.”

zombie senator mark kirk

Senator Kirk previously (in 2012) suffered a paralyzing stroke and this “zombie” quote was about conversations with a now-12-year-old named Jackson Cunningham who is also recovering from a stroke. Best wishes to both on their recovery.

See also the AP version of this story from the end of last year: “Ill. boy, US senator inspire fellow stroke victims” by Kerry Lester:

The two often talk about zombies, video games and Kirk’s ferocious black cat, Cleopatra.

See more ZombieLaw on Illinois, Senate, video games, and strokes.


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