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Making Justin Peligri into a zombie #GWU

August 22, 2014

The previous post was about Zombie Higher Education for 2018 and this post is a continuation on zombie education.

Responding to Justin Peligri in the GW Hatchet (an independent student newspaper): “In college, learning happens where you least expect it“:

If we’re going to talk about college, let’s tell the whole story. Sure, institutions like GW are far from perfect. But they’re not turning me – or anyone else – into a zombie.

Ok, then I will:

zombie peligri

That word (“zombie”) is a virus. Peligri is infected and we are all increasingly infected. My efforts at this blog/science are likely also having some Streisand effect. I continue to perpetuate this nonsense as I track it.

Same with Peligri who (as I did yesterday) is perpetuating the Ivy league as zombie controversy. But at the same time putting GW in that class. Because despite the IVy history of four (then eight) football teams, that’s not what Deresiwicz means – he means elite expensive schools like GW at $48,700 per year; a price only Belle Knox can afford (consider Duke as a similar elite-non-ivy).

I am glad to hear Peligri defend his country club lifestyle. It’s privilege at it’s highest and he should at least enjoy it. It’s wonderful experience but severely overpriced, likely not what his parents think he’s paying for and justified by the world’s delusion of misplaced value. The 200grand that Peligri will spend on four years at GW (and that’s not including living expenses) would be better spent in other ways.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to convince anyone of that until after they’ve done it. A zombie is always going to deny its zombieness. It doesn’t know. That’s why it’s a zombie.

Peligri’s Dickens reference belies his indoctrination:

college offers more than just 15 hours a week of sitting in desks aligned in neat rows.

So the tuition money is to buy the social peer set of others who have chosen to throw away their money this way? The peers are more valuable than the professors! The cost of tuition is about selection of peer circles. Maybe next time: buy a house in a fun neighborhood, join a golf club or better yet a book club at the local library?

Or maybe not, maybe academic institutions really are the best way to achieve this when you’re young and spending other people’s money? But it’s inanely expensive so is it really the best option?

Daily News Journal: “Week of Welcome breaks ice for new, returning MTSU students“:

have a Zombie of a good time during Night of the Walker Dead from 6 to 9 p.m. on Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 1, in the James E. Walker Library.

College is a zombie dance party but if you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity, you may as well enjoy it!

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