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politics: Obama, ebola, immigration, vote them out!

August 8, 2014

Times Herald: Opinion “Sound Off” defines “Democrat”:

Democrat: Someone who blindly supports Obama because of his skin color, plays a zombie on the “Walking Dead” series and watches MSNBC news.

Recall Bob Hope’s similar definition from 1940.

Inquisitr: “Obama Approval Rating In 2014 Drops To New Low, But Not Enough To Impeach President Obama“:

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a Trayvon Martin cartoon depicted a zombie-like George Zimmerman as being like the effort to impeach Obama.

See more Zombie Obama . With many politicians, “zombie” is used to mean something like “lame duck” and if the Republicans take Congress then that meaning will finally apply in a more literal sense. But what’s interesting about Obama as a zombie politician, is that he’s been called “zombie” since nearly the very beginning. Perhaps a lame duck Obama would be the most powerful zombie of them all? Maybe he could get more done if he could really guilt the Congress into action instead of Harry Reid taking fire.

Meanwhile, ebola in Congress, Washington Post: “Apocalypse now? Some reassuring facts from the congressional subcommittee hearing on Ebola” by Alexandra Petri quoting apocalyptic tweets, while herself livetweeting the hearing:

“Am I the only one who thinks this Ebola virus thing sounds a little TOO similar to the beginning of a zombie apocalypse movie?” tweeted @kristenjadeQ. “Im calling it right now that the ebola outbreak is how the zombie apocalypse will start,” concurred @I_The_King_.

JSonline: “For TV, Ebola patients’ privacy is in quarantine” by Duane Dudek:

said the paramedic. We see things like the film “Outbreak” “and assume everyone will be these horror-show zombie people…and it’s not anywhere close to that.”

This is further evidence of Hollywood entertainment as public education. Our expectations are (to some extent) set by the fantasies of movies and television.

News Review: “Libertarian argument against the Drug War” by Brendan Trainor:

to many Republicans, these children are not refugees, but an invading army of teddy bear-wielding existential threats. These children are being called invaders, gang members, they are scabies-infested, disease-laden parasites whose impure little bodies threaten to pollute our native blood streams in a real life zombie apocalypse.

I’m not sure it’s fair to say that’s all the Republicans, nor only them. The zombie metaphor set of teddy-bear disease parasites is a bipartisan perspective. Often the extremes positions of either party are closer together than the middle.

The Guardian: “We don’t know how to throw the bums out of Congress, so they keep winning” by Ana Marie Cox

Notwithstanding David Brat’s flukey upset over Cantor in June and Chris McDaniels’s zombie campaign in Mississippi, complete with this week’s binders full of protest, incumbent politicians are actually doing a lot better than usual.

Why does no one know how to vote out their congressperson? Why do we think it’s only everybody else’s representative that’s causing the stalemate? What if every district just refused to elect the incumbent? Can we start a campaign on the internet somehow and reach every district and register new voters this month to vote for anyone except the incumbent? I think there are enough unregistered-wouldbe-first-time-voters that if they all voted for the opposition we would have a wholy new House of representatives and 33 new senators. Imagine.

And, as if on cue to my writing, this scene from “Mars Attacks!” was just posted to Imgur:
mars attacks congress

“Mars Attacks!” was released on December 13, 1996, just after the 1996 elections that saw the re-election of Bill Clinton and a congressional election that didn’t change the balance much at all.

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