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First case of ebola in the USA

August 4, 2014

Wonkette: “Derp Roundup: KKK And James Woods Gonna Clean Up The Border” by Doktor Zoom:

In another sphere of panic, the spectacularly idiotic Donald Trump worries that allowing Americans with ebola to be treated in America, even in high-containment medical facilities, is gonna kill us all, because haven’t you people ever seen a movie? The containment systems NEVER work, and then 28 days later there’s only scattered groups of survivors fighting off the zombie hordes.

And from Standard Media in Kenya: “Hold on, Ebola is coming our way” By Ted Malanda:

we zombie around our bedrooms at night, gnashing our teeth and squashing the little blighters on the walls using our fists and other crude weapons. … when you recall how porous our borders are, you begin to cough with fear.


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