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Serious Zombie Math @MathOverflow

August 3, 2014

MathOverflow: “Escape the zombie apocalypse” asked by user1708 on July 29 seems to be a serious math problem about stochastic-processes, random-walks, game-theory and percolation:

Consider zombies placed uniformly at random over R2 with asymptotic density μ zombies/area. You are placed at a random point and can move with speed 1. Zombies move with speed v≤1 straight towards you, what is the probability P(μ,ν) you can escape to infinity without a zombie catching you?

According to Wikipedia:

MathOverflow is an interactive mathematics website, which serves both as a collaborative blog and an online community of mathematicians. It allows users to ask questions, submit answers, and rate both, all while getting merit points for their activities. It is a part of the Stack Exchange Network.

Some answers and clarifying questions have already been posted in response to the zombie question and it seems like they are taking the question seriously.

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