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Zombies Get No Respect

August 1, 2014

Apologies for the lack of blogging the past few days. Be sure to also follow @LawZombie on Twitter for more frequent “zombie” law-politics quotes and links.

Meanwhile, as a late offering for Throwback Thursday, enjoy some Rodney Dangerfield, in this clip that I think was part of “The Rodney Dangerfield Special: I Can’t Take It No More” (1983):

Are you kidding, are you kidding, I know I’m ugly, I asked a bartender to make me a zombie, told me god beat him too it.

This is a reference to the “zombie” rum drink. Also in this segment some other zombie themes including Halloween, going to the zoo, and suicide prevention. The self-deprecating humor about being ugly and Dangerfield’s distinctive style of a business suit and buggy eyes, have all become classic parts of the modern zombie character.

that’s the story of my life, no respect, no respect at all.

Since zombies have also become associated with economics and academia, let’s also throwback to that great Dangerfield movie “Back to School” (1986) in a scene about the difference between theory and practice (false dichotomy) in the subject of business finance:

There are two kinds of people in business today, the quick and the dead.

Rodney Dangerfield Special: I Can't Take No More (1983) / Back to School (1986)


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