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banks vs entrepreneurs

August 1, 2014

Asia Times: “Ukraine pact may deal blow to dollar” by Chris Cook:

Since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, the global dollar economy has been functionally dead and in zombie mode. Those who believe that the BRICS countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – are capable of creating an alternative bank-centric global reserve currency simply do not understand how deficit-based money creation systems work.

Daily Reckoning: “This Recovery Has Been a MASSIVE Fraud” by Bill Bonner:

Cheap money has corrupted the entire economy, twisting it away from real long-term investment and business building toward fast-buck speculations, financial engineering and zombie activities.

BloombergView: “Levine on Wall Street: Conquering the Sun” by Matt Levine:

What is the point of being a billionaire if not to insure yourself against catastrophe? There are conventional catastrophe hedges — Singer owns a lot of gold, etc. — but you can’t have that much confidence in those hedges in the zombie-apocalypse scenario. One solution is farmland/guns/walled compounds, but I guess the other is to invest heavily in preventing zombie and sunspot and other apocalypses. If modern civilization lets you live like a king, it seems reasonable to invest some of your extra money in making sure that modern civilization continues.

Compare these with some entrepreneurship links from this past June of last year:

Forbes: “World War E: How To Cure A Zombie Entrepreneur” by Raoul Davis, claiming to cure symptoms like “Entrepreneur ADD” and “Lack of Conviction”:

Having a vision and a plan for your business will clear the zombie fog and get you in the proper mindset for success

Davis blames a “tight” job market “is igniting the entrepreneur zombie movement.”

These “forced entrepreneurs” are similar to zombies, bumbling around leaving destruction in their wake.

Meanwhile at BloombergBusiness: “Pursue the Passionate; Avoid the Zombies” by Mark Hopkins, who is involved in private equity:

remember, pursue the passionate [proactive, goal-oriented, curious-multifaceted, unconventional-innovators]; avoid the zombies.

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