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zombie pools

July 22, 2014

Zombie pools are a new issue in the Florida real estate crisis. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water so it’s important to check abandoned homes with unmaintained swimming pools. (Query: can zombies swim?)

Yesterday in Florida Today: “‘Zombie’ pools could help spread mosquito-borne viruses” by Jim Waymer:

“Zombie” swimming pools at homes in foreclosure soon morph to algae-caked cesspools, inviting habitats for the species of mosquitoes that spread agonizing and sometimes fatal viral diseases such as dengue fever and chikungunya. Both diseases have been inching in on east Central Florida.

County officials can’t put an exact number of zombie pools but estimate dozens of similar scenarios throughout unincorporated Brevard

Wendell Koontz offers a potential cheap solution in Florida Today: “Letter: Product helps kill mosquitoes in pools“:

“Mosquito Dunks,” a mosquito-control product. …. They are little green doughnuts that you toss in a pool to kill mosquito larvae. … They cost about $1 each.

Koontz suggest tossing them into the zombie pools of your neighbors’ foreclosed home. No comment on the legality of trespass in tossing insect poison onto property you don’t own. Consult a local attorney, but I suppose the penalties might be better than getting lots of bug bite or contracting a terrible virus.

Also, we might consider “zombie pools” in terms of money, zombie funds and zombie banks. Consider also how this all might connect to Marvel’s character “Deadpool” who is very popular amongst internet upvoters and who last year fought dead presidents (a phrase which is also slang for money).

Meanwhile this week, President Obama is being harangued for his Emperor Nero moment of shooting pool while the world ends. See for example this opinion letter to South Jersey Times: “World burns while Obama plays pool“. And for another water-predator metaphor, Mediaite: “Colorado Gov. Praises Obama’s Pool Game, Calls Him ‘A Shark’” by Evan McMurry. Let’s hope there are no sharks in the pools of abandoned homes. (see also, the Obama float)

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