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fear for the freaks

July 13, 2014

WorldNetDaily: “When smart technology is dumb” by Patrice Lewis (see also her blog Rural-Revolution):

OK, I confess: I’m a Luddite

We are drowning in information, yet our young people cannot think, reason, or make logical conclusions.

A bunch of tech-addicted zombies walking off cliffs and into walls because they’re too dumb to look up from their tiny little screens.

now addicted parents are engaged in turning their own children into zombies. Wheee!

a population that can’t glance up from a miniature screen long enough to notice political scandals or the erosion of our constitutional rights won’t even notice when they’ve transitioned from free American citizen into zombie drone. They’ll vote for whatever politician promises them their next electronic fix.

The government doesn’t want smart people. It wants dumb slaves

I don’t think that’s quite right to blame the government except that it’s the people, by the people, for the people. And in that sense perhaps it is us, we want to be dumb slaves.

See GossipCop: “Kanye West “Inspects” Kim Kardashian’s “Body Once A Week For Imperfections”?!“:

OK! magazine claims to have “freakish details” of what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s “marriage is like behind-closed doors.”

according to the outlet, West “has developed an unhealthy obsession” with his new wife’s looks, and his supposed controlling ways have turned Kardashian “into a zombie bride.”

The GossipCop article doesn’t link to any OK!magazine article and this article “Is Kanye West Really That Controlling? Inside Kim and Kanye’s Bizarre Marriage” by OKstaff does not seem to have the word “zombie”, so I am not sure who Shari Weiss was quoting. Still the point is clear, Kardashians are freakish (defined as self-expression to the extreme) and Kardashianism is a kind of zombie (see also “James Patterson Zombie – Foucault author function” and consider author-function in digital identity). Surely we can’t blame West’s OCD, she’s always made herself into this doll-creature, zombie feminism?

Speaking of cult of shoes, remember Imelda? BworldOnline: “Ateneo apologizes for Imelda’s attendance“:

Mrs. Marcos gave a speech and posed for pictures with school administrators, alumni, and students, including five scholar-valedictorians of the university.

The photos then circulated on social media and drew a slew of negative comments from netizens. Jim Ayson said on the Facebook group “#Never Again: No to Dictators, to Martial Law, to a Marcos Return to Power: “Ateneo students with Imelda. May a Zombie Ed [Edgar] Jopson rise from the grave to haunt them.”

Edgar Jopson was an activist student leader from the Ateneo who joined the political underground during martial law and was killed in a military raid in 1982.

Many Filipinos were tortured and killed for their opposition to the conjugal dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos and Imelda Marcos.

I bet Kim and Imelda would get a long famously, they should have tea and do photo-op.

Meanwhile in the New York Observer: “Paterno, Olbermann and Me” by Joe Lapointe:

The Penn State child abuse affair is the nightmare zombie of college football scandals and a troubling memory of my career as a sports writer.

Paterno’s legacy was ruined by an aide who turned out to be a pervert. Three athletic department administrators await trial for allegedly covering up the fact. This zombie still walks.

Be careful who you trust. That includes major institutions, coaches, celebrities and the news media.

It’s not the smart phones we need to worry about, it’s the untrustworthy content. But let’s not vilify West or KK, they are just cogs in a machine of deception, zombies in a system we are all complicit.


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