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Zombie Zero worm malware

July 12, 2014

Based on the TrapX report: “Anatomy of the Attack: Zombie Zero

Forbes: “How a Scanner Infected Corporate Systems and Stole Data: Beware Trojan Peripherals” by Kurt Macko:

the so-called Zombie Zero worm invaded corporate data centers through a back door.

Infosecurity Magazine: “Malware Siphons the ‘Brains’ of Shipping Companies in Sophisticated Supply Chain Attack“:

Likely Chinese in origin, Zombie Zero malware arrives via trojanized peripherals and exfiltrates full situational data.

EpochTimes: “China Spies on Global Shipping Using Pre-Infected Hardware” by Joshua Philipp:

the breach was done through products infected at the manufacturing level—before they were even sold

a Chinese university that was involved: the Lanxiang Vocational School, which has a history in China’s state-sponsored cyberattacks.

CSOonline: “Shipping companies’ computers compromised by malware-infected Chinese scanners” by Antone Gonsalves:

a three-stage attack dubbed Zombie Zero that compromised business software and sent data back to facilities linked to the Chinese military.

TrapX has found variants of the Zombie Zero malware in two manufacturers’ industrial control systems

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