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“a classic bit of dark comedy”

July 10, 2014

The Hankyoreh: “This government’s attempts at “reform” are a joke” :

a classic bit of dark comedy: first the zombie PM, now the “we‘re so sorry” ministers. And they call this reform.

That “dark comedy” is about Korean government, the zombie PM is Prime Minister Chung Hong-won. Wikipedia explains that Jung Hong-won is the Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea but he announced his resignation on 27 April 2014. He resigned after hundreds of people died in a ferry accident. He resigned in the embarrassment of the recovery efforts – Korean honor. but he’s still the PM for now .. so… ok I really have no idea.

Another great “zombie” article that I don’t quite understand comes from “Neoliberal monstrosities“: an interview of David McNally a Canadian socialist and author of “Monsters of the Market: Zombies, Vampires and Global Capitalism” amongst other books:

Zombies most of the time lack memory, they lack identity and subjectivity, but under certain conditions, they awake. This is the image of the zombie rebellion. The carnival of the living dead, who all of a sudden maraud through the streets, scaring polite society and showing them in some ways that those who’ve been downtrodden, those who’ve been zombie-fied and monsterized by this system, actually have a monstrous power. Once they get it together, they can use that power in carnivals of revolt, insurrection and rebellion. There’s one really nice film from the 1990s by Wes Craven called The People Under the Stairs that really gets that image of the zombie revolt.

There’s also a story of zombies coming up against big business, the bankers. The real zombies are those in life who have no purpose in life except to exploit others for ever-swelling amounts of money in bank accounts somewhere. The zombie image can therefore be turned around or inverted to one in which we are criticizing zombie capitalism as a system on life support by governments, pumping trillions of dollars into keeping a certain kind of necropheliac capitalism going, and sucking our life energies to do it.

In the Telegraph: “We are living in the era of the political zombie” by Stephen Bush:


Sentencing in New Orleans: “Nagin Gets 10 Years in Prison“:

Former New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin was sentenced to 10 years in prison Wednesday morning by U.S. District Judge Helen Ginger Berrigan. The prison term follows the ex-mayor’s corruption conviction earlier this year.

Nagin’s various schemes came to light as a result of reporting from American Zombie, Lee Zurik and the Times-Picayune.

Recall American Zombie is a blogger. Blogs and new media are increasingly important for quality journalism. The old media is increasingly zombied and unable to maintain good content. Note a comment on the Telegraph article from an user named John McEvoy:

Don’t forget the Stooge Media Zombie journos who are getting everywhere now as well….

Similarly, see Entertainment Weekly: “Entertainment Geekly: ‘Community’ survives. Television dies?” By Darren Franich:

Community’s brilliance testifies to the full commitment of the actors, the writers, the directors, and mad-genius showrunner Dan Harmon. And the fact that Community lasted five seasons on NBC testifies to to the postapocalyptic state of television in general.

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