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Zombie holiday weekend

July 3, 2014

Philebrity: “This Weekend: Spending Warm Summer Days Indoors“:

Either way, homos/queerdos/friends, step in out of the rain for Cut N Paste at The Bike Stop. There, you will be safe from whatever Americans remain on our streets, zombie-walking up to you and asking, “Do y’all’s people know where Frankfurt Hall is?”

Is that an intentional misspelling of tourist’s mispronouncing Frankford Hall? The Bike Stop is “Philadelphia’s Home of the Leather Community” and Frankford Hall likely attracts a somewhat different clientele. The “zombie-walking up to you” sounds like a Tea Party type. Surely a bunch of patriotic zombies think it’s a good weekend to visit the Liberty Bell. While there, maybe they’ll also check out the stolen art of the Parkway Museum District (zombie Barnes?).

Alternatively, stay home and watch TV, Yareah: “Zombies on Independence Day 2014. The Walking Dead marathon!!!” by Ignacio Zara:

This year, Zombies also celebrate Independence Day.

During the weekend of Independence Day, from 4 to 6 July 2014, AMC will release a marathon of episodes of its apocalyptic zombie fiction TV show

But if you aren’t staying home, unplug that smart television and other network devices while you are gone. Takepart: “Our Internet-Connected Gadgets Are Wasting $80 Billion in Electricity a Year” by Hannah Hoag:

Your Internet-connected devices are electricity-sucking zombies

For some devices, up to 80 percent of the machine’s energy consumption is from maintaining a network connection,

Blame the Internet of Things

For one thing, unplug your modems and set-top television boxes when you go on holiday


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