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Police Buy Military Gear

July 2, 2014

The Augusta Chronicle: “Richmond County Sheriff’s Office acquires military equipment” by Travis Highfield:

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office might now have what it needs to survive a zombie apocalypse.

$3.4 million in equipment military surplus equipment picked up since January at little or no cost.

What does this have to do with zombies? Nothing, it’s just provocative. Highfield’s imagination?

Obviously police need to buy equipment and definitely they should take advantage of good price deals from military surplus. But it’s also provocative to think of the militarization of the domestic security forces.

Whether they need a four hundred thousand dollar boat (apparently an issue of complying with law), or a seven hundred thousand dollar mine-resistant vehicle (can we just call that a tank?) or 75 swords (swords?!), they surely need 500 chests of ammo (at least for target practice).

Can we even imagine, even just for a moment, imagine a world where we could have a non-violent domestic security force?! How could we create a world in which there was simply no possibility of such violence that would require this kind of violent response. Can’t we live in a world where the local county police don’t need military gear?


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