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Tea Party “love a zombie metaphor”

June 28, 2014

NYTimes: “Mississippi Goes for the Money: How Did Brett Favre Help Thad Cochran in His Senate Race?” by Gail Collins:

These days, when a Republican politician gets into primary trouble, his first move is usually to leap farther right, assuring voters that he is capable of being even angrier and crazier than his opponent. That’s what gives the Tea Party its power. To use a zombie metaphor — and who among us does not love a zombie metaphor? — the Tea Party (Dead But Undead) wins not by killing its opponents but by turning them into drooling, staggering replicas of itself.

gail collins zombie nytimes

Collins goes on to explain that Thad Cochran instead ran differently,

Cochran ran on his talents as a collector of federal money… Nobody came straight out and said: “Look, Mississippi gets three bucks back from the federal government for every dollar we send in. Don’t kill the golden goose.” … an intervention for his state’s residents, in which he pierced, at least temporarily, their veil of denial.

Collins was not the only writer to apply “zombie” to Thad Cochran’s victory over Tea Party challenger, Chris McDaniel.

See “Republican senate primary is over in Mississippi — or is it?” by Rob Robertson:

The interminable contest to determine the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Mississippi has entered the zombie stage.

And earlier this week at Wonkette: “Chris McDaniel Pretty Sure Zombie Ronald Reagan Doesn’t Think Thad Cochran Won” by snipy:

What’s that you say, Chris McDaniel? Zombie Gipper is mad too?

Given that the Tea Party would actually run Ronald Reagan and his comparatively mild (by today’s standards) policies out of town on a rail, we don’t think Saint Ronnie is looking down from heaven and crying over McDaniel’s loss.

Consider the idea of Zombie Reaganism and his idea of Big Tent Republicanism, welcoming in the liberals, how do we allow everyone in but still stay true to our own values?

This is about us-them politics (another false dichotomy) and is directly related to the immigration debate which was considered to be at the heart of the Tea Party victory against Eric Cantor.

Erick Erickson tweeted on June 10th about Cantor’s loss:

Wait … so a dead tea party just took out the GOP’s Majority Leader? ZOMBIES ARE REAL!!!

and tweeted:

Didn’t I read about the tea party dying in the mainstream media? Those crazy zombies.

zombie erick erickson

Despite predictions, Cantor’s primary did not foretell a sweep of Tea Party victories and the national political sentiment is far from any clear consensus.

See PJ Media: “What Have I Been Telling You?” by Bryan Preston:

Everyone keeps saying that after Eric Cantor’s loss, immigration reform is dead. It’s not only not dead, comprehensive immigration reform as Washington constructs it is a zombie. You may think it’s dead. It may look dead. It may even start to rot a little.

And see also from PJ Media: “Tea Party Leader Arrested in Cochran Scandal Commits Suicide” by Bridget Johnson following a story from he Clarion-Ledger in Mississippi:

attorney Mark Mayfield, vice chairman of the Mississippi Tea Party, killed himself. He was one of the three men charged with conspiring with Clayton Kelly to photograph Sen. Thad Cochran’s (R-Miss.) wife in her nursing home and create a political video against the incumbent.

An attorney suicide after attempting to exploit a person with dementia for political purpose? That’s a bizarre zombie-like twist to this Mississippi election (with so many zombie keywords in one story: suicide, dementia, exploited image, attorney, politics).

Be sure to check out this VERY FUNNY JibJab-animation video showing Democrats as zombies for social programs invading on NJ Governor Chris Christie. Found via NJ1015, Jim Gearhart Show: “Hysterical skit previews the NJ zombie apocalypse“. Very cute!

So, who doesn’t love a zombie metaphor!?

Well, see Steve Boxer’s video game review at The Guardian: “Evil Within – hands-on with the return of survival horror“:

It may be possible to argue, you know, just theoretically, that the world doesn’t need another zombie franchise.

Note also that Boxer’s twitter name is “realsteveboxer” – he’s so real? Maybe that’s why he’s tired of zombies?

Let’s conclude by repeating Erickson’s tweeted point: “ZOMBIES ARE REAL”, I mean obviously, just look how often they are in the NYtimes! Seriously though, metaphors are real! And the metaphor that drives elections is still primarily that of the money.

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