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Gov. Walker’s GAB Zombie Law

June 26, 2014

JSonline: “Column extra: Walker and the zombie laws” by Christian Schneider of the Journal Sentinel is a follow-up to his earlier post about Wisconsin campaign finance.

It is interesting to note that his last name is Schneider and that it is similar to New York‘s recent “Zombie Law”, or “Zombie Kill Bill”, which was about zombie foreclosures and particularly the Abandoned Property Neighborhood Relief Act supported by Attorney General Schneiderman.

zombie schneider wisconsin

Cheese-head Schneider writes:

the specific law prosecutors are charging Gov. Scott Walker with having violated hasn’t actually been constitutional for decades. In this sense, it is a “zombie” law – it’s dead, but still alive in the statute books.


the GAB rule has become another “zombie law” that is on the books, but has been deemed by courts to be unenforceable.

A comment from “dsmaxsucks” asks if Schneider could

identify other laws that are on the books that aren’t actually laws. Or is interpreting the law to our own meaning now an individual right

That’s a great idea. We should pass a constitutional amendment that gives every individual the right to interpret the law for themselves. That’s what Freedom of Religion is all about, right? Interpreting the law for yourself and not letting some institutional authority declare how we will read our texts; isn’t that what founded this country? Let’s ask Pastor Heath?

Yes, but… nope; we still got federal judges and shit. Question is, do we trust judges or legislatures?

Obviously, the correct answer is judges, but either way, not the ‘snide’ op-ed dude, right?

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