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Despair about government? Jesus gives guns!

June 23, 2014

From Church Gave Away Two Semi-Automatic Rifles To Entice ‘More People To Follow Jesus’ by Igor Volsky:

A church in Joplin, Missouri is facing criticism for raffling off two AR-15s during last week’s Father’s Day celebration in order to increase attendance and “get more people to follow Jesus.”
In a YouTube video advertising the promotion, Pastor Heath Mooneyham promised that “you can kill a weak zombie with that thing” or “double tap a zombie” with another gun,

This guy seems like a very cool pastor. I could understand why other churches might be upset about this but in terms of getting people’s attention toward church, bravo!

Consider as contrast, a letter submitted to The Pendle Today: “It is voter despair, not voter apathy“, about British politics but I think it applies here in the US also. The letter writer (named Paul Bunyan, is that a pun on the lumberjack?) explains that he does not vote because he think all the options are equally bad. The letter writer suggests this is the desired goal of the political class to keep turnout low for mutual advantage;

in most constituencies one party or another’s selected puppet will invariably get in whoever he/she is, or has said or done, on a low turnout “zombie” vote – i.e. on the strength of people who don’t think about what they are doing but vote for their “team” no matter what they do, because they always have and because their father and grandfather did.

…all parties rely on a combination of their uninformed zombie vote and informed but despairing low turnout caused by despairing voters due to the other lot being just the same as them for their mutual survival

Given this is the current feeling to most institutional systems (governments, churches, etc…) ya sorta gotta respect a pastor like Pastor Heath trying shake things up and motivate people to come to church. Maybe we could get a higher voter turnout if we raffled off a few AR-15s at the polls?

Of course, the letter writer, Paul Bunyan, also notes:

democracy is not always capable of delivering satisfactory solutions – remember Adolf Hitler was elected to power democratically in 1933.
Incidentally, Adolf Hitler won a small majority in 1933 on a low turnout,


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