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“zombie cones”

June 19, 2014

AP: “Iowa State Fair announces new food choices“:

on the list are Zombie Cones. The flavors include sour cherry, orange, lime and bubble gum, and the cones are topped with gummy eyeballs or sour worms.

Is it like a snow cone with gummy candy on top? Or an ice cream cone? Or is it something else entirely? Perhaps a “conehead zombie” from the game “Plants vs. Zombies”?

conehead zombie

Also noteworthy is the connection of the word “cones” to eyes (as in rods and cones). Eyes are an important part of the zombie metaphor, and becoming increasingly important for video game alternate reality (via eye-tracking and Oculus-like goggles).

“Vision cone” also seems to be used by gamers to refer to the area in which an AI character will notice you. So this is a reference to the absence of peripheral vision in programmed characters. In this sense, are we all living within our personal zombie cones, trapped in our center of focus (both literally in the world and inside a media filter of knowledge space). In real life we can try to remember to turn our head and look both ways before we cross the street. With knowledge, how can we look outside our cone? Maybe by visiting more state fairs to expose us to more unusual oddities of the community?

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