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Florida Judge falls asleep during trial

June 18, 2014

KeysInfoNet: Keys judge falls asleep on the bench in the middle of a trial, blames Ambien” by Larry Kahn:

A Florida Keys judge fell asleep in the middle of a trial June 12 — just as an attorney only a few feet from the bench was presenting him evidence.

“It’s no secret. I have certain health issues,” Monroe County Circuit Court Judge Tegan Slaton said Tuesday of the episode.

Slaton blamed a new prescription he received for Ambien to help him battle insomnia, caused by another medication prescribed for gastrointestinal issues.


His judicial aide told him he looked like a “zombie,” and that he had “lack of clear speech, lack of jocularity, lack of being able to communicate,” Slaton said. “Just overall out of it, by a drug prescribed by my doctor. I took the bench. Granted, it was a mistake.”

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