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zombie bees of B-burg buzz for Roberta’s Pizza

June 13, 2014

From Digital Journal: “Op-Ed: Zombie bees terrorize Bushwick” by Eliana Robinson:

Earlier today the whole neighborhood was abuzz with talk of swarming bees near Roberta’s Pizza at 261 Moore St.

robertas pizzafuck roberta's pizza

Fuck that pizza looks delicious. And yes, that “Fuck Roberta’s” image is from the restaurant’s website. The chef/partner, Carlo Mirachi, seems rather unusual; it’s not just his pizza. When the New York Times reviewed it five years ago, Oliver Schwaner-Albright (a.k.a. Oliver Strand) declared the best dishes were:

Arugula with bresaola; pickled pig’s tongue; mackerel with lemon jelly; wood-roasted chicken; wood-roasted Berkshire pork chop.

More recently the NYTimes offered a video and recipe for “Roberta’s Pizza Dough” by Sam Sifton.

So, it seems their love of local ingredient may have them hosting bee hives on their roof? The source for Digital Journal’s “zombie bees” was a tip reported by Gothamist, see “Bees From Roberta’s Rooftop Hives Are Allegedly “Escaping & Terrorizing” Neighbors“:

It’s becoming a straight up safety hazard to walk down Moore Street at night. Hundreds of bees can be found buzzing around each building’s outdoor lights, and crawling across the sidewalk. Not sure if they are sick, or confused, but they are not aggressive. They move slowly and almost act as if they’re drunk.

It totally sounds like a bunch of hipsters just hanging out for the night in Bushwick (a.k.a. East Williamsburg a.k.a. Billy-Burg or B-Burg);

“Yo B-, let’s get drunk and go Roberta’s for some of dat pickled pig’s tongue!”
“But it says they’re only open til midnight”
“Fuck Roberta’s!”

See also, other ZombieLaw posts on insects or New York or food (cheese!).


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